The BC Hydro Box Beautification program in Pitt Meadows adds beauty to its surroundings and celebrates local artists.

In 2020 there were 30 BC Hydro boxes completed as phase one of this project.   Visit to view the entire collection of public art and their locations throughout town.  

Phase two of this project will begin in the spring of 2021 with images celebrating the creativity of Katzie First Nations artists.

Hydro Box Beautification Project Showcased in 2020 Photo Motion Contest

The beauty of the City was captured in an extremely creative way during the COVID-19 pandemic by Pitt Meadows artist and resident Sandie Banni. Having seen the BC Hydro Box beautification project on the City website, Sandie wanted to view the pieces in person. The beautification project involved the wrapping of each of the chosen Hydro Boxes with various artworks selected for the project. She was amazed and appreciative of the level of creativity involved in the artists designs.

Once Sandie located the boxes, she photographed the entire catalogue of completed installations. The collection of photographs were compiled into a video that was submitted in the 2020 Photo Motion contest. Typically the contest puts on approximately 33 shows at the Port Moody Inlet Theatre. Adjudication of the competition is based on originality, art, photographic skill, music and content. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the club allowed free viewing of the submissions virtually on their webpage.

Please see the attached link to view Pitt Meadows and all the BC Hydro Box artists' works showcased in a beautiful, innovative way. This is a great story of artists supporting other artists through their work.

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