Street Banner Project 2023

Staff setting up street banners

June 1, 2023 - As you walk and drive in Pitt Meadows you will see some new additions to public art in our community. There are new street banners from twenty local artists and photographers along Harris and Hammond Road - a total of sixty sets to enjoy around the community, and just in time for Pitt Meadows Day!

Here's the full list of selected artists and photographers: Damian George - Stalaston, Roma Leon, S. Kilthau, Ariana G., Diane Zutz, Laura Cascanette, Shannon Emmanuel, Thomas Cetnarowski, Linda Nelson, Lea Sevcov, Nancy Collins, Rob Egan, Kat Alamouti, Patricia Gordon, Adam Breckels, Cary Gould, C. Sutcliffe, Glenn Miller, Klamer Eggens, Marten Felgnar.

See the banner images here.

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