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A permit will be issued once your application has been approved.  See below for regulations.

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(ie: artists may wish to co- ordinate their schedules with one another)

The applicant agrees to indemnify and save harmless The City of Pitt Meadows, it’s servants and agents against all loss, costs, actions, charges or damages which it may suffer or be put to and from against all claims or actions which may be brought against the City , its servants and agents, arising from any non-compliance with or a violation of the terms of this policy and application and any schedules forming part of this policy or application.

Artists in our Parks Regulations

  • Applications will be made in writing to the Arts and Culture Coordinator through the “Artists in our Parks” Application Form. While no jurying of applications will take place, artists may be refused a permit based on the goals of the program.
  • The event must be open to the public, free of charge, with no admission fees.
  • All work must be the original work of the permitted artists.
  • As the intent of the program is to exhibit and demonstrate the process of producing art, artists are required to do their work on site.
  • All visual artwork is to be displayed on standard art easels or approved display stands/tables and the top of the display may not exceed 1.5 meters (5ft) in height. Paintings may not be stacked in piles. Portable walls, booths or pop up tents are not allowed. Patio umbrellas are permitted.
  • The permit holder will be able to sell their own art/music. Sale of other items will not be allowed.
  • Artists will not pressure the public to buy any work. Artists will not leave their area, enter another artist’s area to pursue customers or solicit customers from another artist’s area.
  • The permit holder cannot offer an unrelated service other than that as outlined in their application.
  • You cannot serve or sell food, drinks or alcohol.
  • Artists may display one temporary card/sign (maximum 12” x 24”) indicating their name, address and contact information. All other signage is not permitted.
  • Artists must publicly display a valid permit at all times.
  • Every artist must have their own permit. Permits cannot be transferred to another artist.
  • Artists are required to ensure that their park location is kept free of rubbish and debris that may be generated by the artist or their customer.
  • The Applicant will use the site only for the Event as described in the Application and for no other purpose. The Applicant will not knowingly permit or suffer waste or injury to the park site or any part thereof and will not occupy any portion of the site for any unlawful purpose. The Applicant will not release, dump, spill or place on the site any hazardous material. The Applicant will not prune, cut, plant, damage or remove vegetation.
  • All City of Pitt Meadows Park bylaws (No 2651) must be observed. Artists will behave in such a way as to maintain harmony in the park.
  • Only radio/CD/DVD/MP3/IPOD players with earphones may be used on site.
  • Acoustic musicians are invited to participate; no amplification of music is permitted at this time.
  • The permit holder must abide by all noise bylaws. As per the City of Pitt Meadows Noise Control Bylaw (No 2138) amplified sound cannot exceed 65 decibels for continual sound and 80 decibels for non-continual sound, measured from the end of the park. Amplified sound will only be allowed for performance, dance, theatre and film at this time.
  • All artists must adhere to the City of Pitt Meadows parking regulations. Artists are allowed a maximum of 15 minutes to unload their vehicle and must then move their vehicle to a regular parking spot.
  • Vehicles of any kind are not permitted on City of Pitt Meadows parklands or green space.
  • Permits are only offered at park locations previously determined by Parks and Arts and Culture staff.
  • Liability Insurance is required and may be available through the City of Pitt Meadows at an additional charge.
  • The Arts and Culture Coordinator, Parks Manager or Bylaw Enforcement Officer reserves the right to revoke the artist’s permit immediately if the artist’s behaviour, in the opinion of the Parks Manager, Arts and Culture Coordinator or Bylaw Enforcement Officer, is incompatible with the goals of the program.

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