Film applications are now being accepted.  Please allow 5 business days for approval or 10 if you require RCMP onsite or need a pyrotechnic permit as part of your application.

The Natural Place to Film

Only a quick two hour flight from Hollywood, USA, there's a reason why the Greater Vancouver region is the third largest film production area in North America.  Located outside Vancouver's "studio zone", production companies that film in Pitt Meadows are eligible for the BC Film Tax Credit.

The City of Pitt Meadows offers a wide range of filming locations.  From the pristine waters of North America's largest tidal lake to a fast paced urban centre with a unique heritage area, this small yet progressive community boasts an astonishing array of locations.  The growing film industry brings jobs and revenue to the city benefiting our community as a whole.  Not to mention the positive impact on local businesses who are serving and meeting the needs of large production companies and film crews.  Ever considered having your property in a motion picture?  Apply with Creative BC to have your home listed as a possible location.   

Interested in Applying for a Film Permit?

For questions or inquiries,  please contact us.  The Film Liasion provides personalized location and permit assistance for filming in Pitt Meadows to ensure your filming experience is seamless and enjoyable. 

Completed applications with full details must be submitted at least five (5) business days in advance of the proposed filming activity for proper review.   Late or incomplete submissions will not be considered. 

*When filming in Pitt Meadows, it is required that all production companies hold a valid business licence, and film permit.

Film Application Forms

Required Documents :

  • Film Checklist
  • Business Licence Application 
  • Film Permit Application 
  • Hold Harmless 
  • WorksafeBC approved Covid-19 Safety Plan 
  • Insurance Certificate evidencing a minimum of $5,000,000.00 comprehensive liability insurance, naming the City of Pitt Meadows as additional named insured
  • Aerial Map Overlay Site Plan including: times, date(s), parking location(s), safety plan, and traffic management plan
  • Filming Notification Letter 

Depending on the filming activity,  you may be required to provide additional information and/or complete one or more of the forms below.  Contact the City's Film Liasion to determine which forms may apply to you.

Submit all completed forms to:

Once filming in Pitt Meadows has been completed, please submit the Film Wrap form. 

Film Policies & Bylaws

Please review the following Bylaws and Policies for information regarding the new Hot Spot Designations, City services, guidelines, fees, traffic management, and other important filming information. 

Film Fee Bylaw No. 2700  

Filming Policy C028 

Pyrotechnics Bylaw


Filming Fees
Film Permit Application$300
Business Licence$111 ($55.50 if applied for after July 1)
Security Deposit$2000
Highway Use Permit$100
Street Use Fee$150
Noise Abeyance$100
Pyrotechnic Permit$200
Film Inspection Fee$78.75 (Including  GST)
Municipal Facility$2000/day
Municipal Park$500/day
Municipal Sports Field$1500/day
Use of Fire HydrantNo use permitted
Police FeesVaries per request, call for an estimate
GST #10698 4305 RT0001

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