FRAME Photography Exhibition (2021)

Dates: February 6 - March 28, 2021

In person and virtual exhibit

Another new year brings another new first to the Pitt Meadows Art Gallery. This February we journey through the photographers lens in our in person and virtual group photography exhibition. Images from amateur to professional photographers were chosen for their interpretations of the six different categories - Landscapes, Black & White, Reflections, Streets, People and Forgotten Objects.

Participating Photographers; Rob Beckwoldt, Laura Berkenpas, Bradley Christianson-Barker, Darlene Eckert, Heather Escaravage, Breanna Goetz, Azhar Kazi, Alyssa Kellert, John Lamb, Jeff Lemire, Christina Maly, Brianna Milli, Elise Muller, Dipin Nair, Luke Pardy, Raeanne Schachter, Susan Thompson, Rich Vigurs

The Art of Upcycling (2021)

Dates: July 24 - September 5, 2021

In person and virtual gallery

The Art of Upcycling : Reinventing the Invented

Beauty comes in many forms. It takes a creative and innovative artist to turn an otherwise piece of junk into an artistically beautiful and sometimes even functional piece of artwork. Each piece is a remnant of its past life, often single use and a reminder of the excess waste in our everyday lives. This exhibition will open your eyes to the potential and beauty in giving things a second life.

Featuring Artists: Christy Carter, Marie Colquhoun, Annika Dixon-Reusz, Judy & Janice Jones, Joseph Karasz, Yeonmi Kim, Tannis Koskela, Aaron Moran, Yulia Shtern, Ron Simmer and Bill Thomson

Eric Hotz: A Study of Nature

Dates: April 10 - May 16, 2021

In person & virtual exhibition

Eric Hotz focus is the exploration of natural history and biophilia – his innate tendency to seek connection with nature. He explores many outlying regional parks for their lakes, streams, forests and mountains, all within a two hour drive from his Maple Ridge studio. This exhibition showcases his more recent work along with 10 new pieces which have not yet been shown to the public. 

After his first introduction to art in Kindergarten, Eric has never stopped drawing and painting. By 24 years old, he became a full time artist, first as an archaeological field artist, then as an artifact illustrator, an in-house illustrator for a local book and game publisher and in the early 1990’s as an illustrator for US-based publishers. More recently, he has been working as an art instructor teaching acrylic and watercolour painting and focusing his artwork on the local natural history from the regions near where he lives.

Pitt Meadows Proud

Dates:  May 29 - July 11, 2021

In person and virtual gallery

Get to know our amazing city through the eyes of artists who live right here in Pitt Meadows! Our second annual Pitt Meadows Proud Exhibition features artwork inspired by the community, the natural beauty, and the vibrant people of this city. We are also showcasing a variety of mixed media from the art students at Pitt Meadows Secondary and handmade items from our very own Pitt Meadows Artisans.

Featuring artists: Patricia Gordon, Nancy Collins, Rob Egan, Laura Stark, Suzanne Amendolagine, Liz Boulton, Carol Melanson, Connie-Jean Moore, Nancy Patullo, Marie Matheson, Judy Osiowy, Lea Sevcov, and Diane Zutz.

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