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Pitt Meadows Art Gallery Exhibition

Exhibition runs April 20 - June 2, 2024 – In Moss & Clay

The Pitt Meadows Art Gallery (PMAG), located on the main floor of the South Bonson Community Centre will open on April 20, 2024 with the next exhibition titled In Moss & Clay. This exhibition features the works of Ann Marie Lewis from Soulroots Moss Art and ceramic artists – Tammy Cripps, Ilena Lee, Meaghan Schaefer and Megan Tarris. This exhibition brings together a blend of new and ancient forms of artistic expression - moss art and ceramics.

Opening Reception  |  Wednesday, April 24, 2024  |  5:00pm

Need more information or would like to purchase artwork from the Gallery? Contact pmag@pittmeadows.ca for details.

PMAG Hours:

Tuesday to Sunday  |  11am - 3pm
South Bonson Community Centre (Main Floor) | 10932 Barnston View Road, Pitt Meadows, BC | pmag@pittmeadows.ca

About the Artists

Ann Marie Lewis of Soulroots Moss Art
Soulroots was conceived unwittingly during Ann Marie’s journey of healing inherited trauma. Connecting with nature and creative expression were critical to her growth and healing. Her passion for the outdoors, deep respect for nature and background in floristry naturally drew her to biophilic design. She is inspired to share the beauty of the forest, bringing its healing and calming energies indoors through her unique moss art creations.

An integral part of her vision in creating Soulroots Moss Art was to be able to support and give back to organizations committed to protecting our natural resources, educating our children and supporting the healing of trauma survivors. 

Tammy Cripps
Embracing an interdisciplinary approach to art, her practice has become an exploration of merging mixed media through unconventional methods. 

Tammy’s inspiration comes from the readily available materials in her environment. From traditional artist mediums to found objects, to the raw materials found in nature. Incorporating unconventional items is key to her art practice. Her sculptural work incorporates varied materials and has evolved using a variety of processes such as the burnishing, coiling, collaging, painting and/or sewing of unfired clay. Her two-dimensional work, large-scale abstracts, which she calls Clay Paintings, have emerged from the collaboration of 2D and 3D work.

Ilena Lee
A multi-disciplinary artist before it was a thing, Ilena has been an artist all of her life: a visual and theatre artist, teacher, bartender, traveller, writer, survivor and witch. She studied ballet in Russia during Perestroika, received an arts degree in Alaska, made pottery in the mountains of Mexico, and created many plays around the world. 

Recently honoured to be the Artist-in-residence at St. Andrews Wesley Cathedral in Downtown Vancouver, Ilena can be found most days at her studio at City Centre Artist Lodge. 

Meaghan Schaefer
Meaghan Schaefer is a contemporary ceramic artist, born, raised, and now working on Vancouver Island. She received a Certificate in Ceramics (Honours) from the Kootenay School of the Arts in 2015. Her art is inspired by the beauty of nature and lives in the intersection of sculpture and function. Meaghan’s work is accepted and shown in juried art shows and public galleries.

She is inspired by the beauty of nature and strives to showcase this in her ceramic art. Meaghan uses translucent porcelain which mirrors the strength and fragility of our natural world and allows her to capture the delicate details on each petal. Each piece is wheel thrown with hand-sculpted flowers carefully arranged.

Megan Tarris
After graduating from Emily Carr in 2007, Megan worked in communication design before finding love in a bucket of mud in 2017.
She creates wheel-thrown porcelain tableware - fired in electric and wood-burning kilns. Her work reframes familiar forms in a minimal way and is inspired by the interactive relationship between artist and user through ceramic wares.

When not covered in clay at her studio, you can find her teaching ceramics at the art centre or chasing after her three kids.


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