What is a Home-Based Business?

Home-based businesses are small-scale businesses that operate out of a person's home. Usually a portion of the home is set aside for an office or studio. 

Short-term rental units such as, but not limited to, AirBnB and VRBO are not permitted anywhere in Pitt Meadows. Bed and breakfast operations are permitted, but must comply with the regulations outlined in section 5.6 of the Zoning Bylaw No. 2505, 2011.

Home-Based Business Regulations

The City of Pitt Meadows local land use regulations and the Provincial Land Agricultural Commission's land use regulations support the establishment of appropriate home-based businesses in residential and agricultural zones.

Many types of home-based businesses are permitted in Pitt Meadows. Every home-based business shall comply with the requirements of Zoning Bylaw No. 2505 Sec 5.3 and must obtain a valid business licence

There are three categories of home-based businesses, Minor, Major, and Rural, and the following regulations apply:





Type of dwelling unit, building, or zone

Secondary suite, garden suite, apartment, townhouse, mobile home, single-family dwelling, duplex, rural residential, agricultural

Single-family dwelling, duplex, rural residential, agricultural

Rural residential, agricultural

Minimum lot area


350 sq m

8,093 sq m

Location of home-based business

Within the principal or accessory dwelling unit 

Within the principal dwelling unit or one accessory building

Deliveries and loading

Must be accommodated on the lot 

Maximum number of clients/visitors

None permitted

Two at any given time

Exterior storage, exterior manufacturing, and/or exterior conducting of business

Not permitted. All exterior doors, including garage doors, must remain closed while the home-based business is being operated

Employee restrictions

Only principal residents of the dwelling unit are permitted as an employee of the home-based business

One person other than principal residents of the dwelling unit is permitted as an employee of the home-based business

Two people other than principal residents of the dwelling unit are permitted as employees of the home-based business


No stock in trade is permitted for display, except for articles produced on site

Maximum Gross Floor Area 

20% of the dwelling unit up to 50 m²

100 m²

Vehicles and parking



In addition to the off-street parking requirements in Table 7.1, any vehicle used by the home-based business must be parked on the lot associated with the home-based business, to a maximum of four per lot; one of which is permitted as a commercial vehicle with a maximum weight of 4,600 kg. 

Prohibited uses

Child-care program, dog-grooming, Section 5.3.2 below

Section 5.3.2 below

Section 5.3.2 below

Child-care program

Not permitted

Permitted if outdoor play area provided. Exempt from maximum gross floor area limit.

Hours of operation

7am to 9pm

For further information on home-based business regulations or licensing requirements, please email licensing@pittmeadows.ca or call 604.465.2428.

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