Some business activities in the community create noise that may disturb the peace and comfort of others in the neighbourhood. Noisy activities such as some types of construction or agricultural work can only take place during specific times, under the City's Noise Control Bylaw.

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Construction Hours

Construction hours in Pitt Meadows are from 07:00 hours until 21:00, Monday through Saturday. For-profit construction cannot take place on Sundays, but construction at a residence that is not for profit is allowed on a Sunday or statutory holiday between the hours of 09:00 hours and 18:00 hours. Statutory holidays are defined as: 

  • Sunday, Christmas Day, Good Friday and Easter Monday;
  • Canada Day, Victoria Day, British Columbia Day, Labour Day, Remembrance Day and New Year’s Day;
  • December 26th; and
  • A day set by the Parliament of Canada or by the Legislature or appointed by proclamation of the Governor General or the Lieutenant Governor, to be observed as a day of general prayer or mourning, a day of public rejoicing and thanksgiving, a day for celebrating the birthday of the reigning Sovereign, or as a public holiday. 

Application for Abeyance to Noise Control Bylaw

If you need to do work that requires noisy activities outside of the allowed times, you will need to apply for an abeyance to the City's Noise Control Bylaw. Please fill out and submit the form below. The City reserves the right to approve or reject any Abeyance to Noise Control Bylaw applications.

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