The City has established a Living Wage Policy that requires all contractors and vendors ensure employees and subcontractors under the contract who work on City premises are not paid less than a Living Wage as calculated by the Living Wage for Families Campaign. The Living Wage rate is confirmed annually in November each year, and employers are required to be compliant by May of the following year. The City of Pitt Meadows will hold the rate of $24.08 until May 5, 2024 and effective May 6, 2024, will increase to the Metro Vancouver rate of $25.68.

In order to determine an employee’s hourly rate with benefits the Living Wage for Families Campaign has provided a Living Wage Calculator to assist with this determination.

The City includes in its competitive bid documents for services a declaration and a clause regarding compliance with the Policy. Completion and submission of the declaration before an award is mandatory.

Meeting Living Wage Requirements When Working with the City

The living wage requirements apply to vendors who provide services to the City and meet all of the following criteria:

  • Estimated annual value of the contract is greater than $10,000.
  • Services are performed on properties owned by or leased to the City including all streets, sidewalks and other public rights of way.
  • Services are provided on a regular, ongoing basis.
  • Contractor is expected to perform the services for greater than 120 hours per year of the contract.

Living wage standards are not applicable for emergency or non-recurring repairs or maintenance services where no standing contract is in place, services are performed by organizations that lease property from the City, or for contracts with social enterprises.

What Happens if a Service Provider or Subcontractor is Found to be Non-Compliant?

The service provider and/or sub-contractors will be required to compensate for any shortfall in pay to the affected employees at no extra cost to the City. Non-compliance may result in the cancellation of the contract at the discretion of the City.

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