Did you know the Sign Bylaw sets the rules and regulations for both public and private property within City limits?


The City has a Sign Bylaw No. 2719 to regulate the number, size, type, form, appearance and location of signs in the community.  Businesses or individuals must obtain a permit before erecting, rebuilding, altering, enlarging, extending, or relocating a sign.  Full details regarding types of signs, how to apply for sign permits, and associated fees are explained in the Sign Bylaw No. 2719.   

How to Obtain a Sign Permit

Businesses and individuals seeking a sign permit must submit an application to the City.  The sign permit application forms are available by contacting City Hall; call 604.465.5454 or email info@pittmeadows.ca.   

Sign Permit Application

The application includes the following information:

a) Scaled drawings showing proposed location, type, size, height, colour, sign area, copy area, clearance, construction, colour, finishing material and estimated costs;
b) Names and addresses of the sign applicant, the lot owner, the manufacturer of the sign, and the contractor for the construction of the sign;
c) A letter of authorization from the lot owner if the applicant is not the lot owner; and
d) Details of any existing sign on the lot.

Additional information may be requested by the approver at the City's discretion. 

Sign Permit Fees

For a complete listing of associated fees, please review Schedule A of the Sign Bylaw No. 2719.

Fee Schedule, Sign Bylaw No. 2719



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