2024 Budget

Budget deliberations were successfully concluded on December 11, 2023 after Council reviewed and deliberated on department operating and capital budgets and decision packages. A media release on December 14 announced that Council approved the 2024 budget of $54.2 million with a property tax increase of $39 per month or $469 annually for the average single-family home. The annual increase is comprised of $264 in Utility Fees and $205 in Property Taxes equivalent to 7.79%.

The $469 increase is broken down as follows:

Read the full media release for details here

For more information, contact the City's Finance Department at 604.465.2461 or email info@pittmeadows.ca.


2024 Proposed Budget & Business Plans

Each fall, the City creates business plans for each of its departments and presents them to City Council and the public. These business plans are made with careful consideration of the City’s finances, staff expertise, Council direction, and taking into account feedback from residents heard throughout the year. The plans represent recommendations for key initiatives, budgets, and the Five-Year Financial Plan. This process is designed to provide transparency and accountability to allow the community to better understand City priorities and how taxpayer dollars are spent.

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