On October 25, 2016, the City's Director of Finance provided a presentation to Council and residents on the 2017 Financial Plan.  For more information, please see the presentation slides.

Highlights from the 2017 Financial Plan Workshop

Operating Budget Key Points

  1. Taxes are favourable compared to other municipalities in the region
  2. Asset management plans and condition assessments are key to establishing adequate reserve funding levels
  3. City departments have experienced multi-year budget tightening and cannot sustain further budget adjustments without impacting service levels
  4. Need to plan for declining development revenues
  5. A 2.76% tax increase is needed to maintain current service levels
  6. The total proposed tax increase of 2.76% equates to about $51 for the average single family home

Capital Budget Key Points

  1. The 1% Building Replacement Asset levy is very important
  2. A building replacement prioritization process needs to be undertaken
  3. Building reserves:
    • Reduces long-term costs,
    • Allows for proper asset management and
    • Ensure sustainable City services
  4. Leverage land whenever possible and avoid selling

See the full Corporate Business Plan, including each department's business plans.  Public presentation on these plans were held at City Hall on Wednesday, December 7 and Monday, December 12.  See below for individual department plans:

Business Plans by Department

For more information, contact the City's Finance Department at 604.465.2418.

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