2021-2025 Financial Plan

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2021-2025 Financial Plan

To learn more about the purpose and development of the Financial Plan see: Budget & Business Planning.

Adoption of the Financial Plan
Following business plan presentations and budget deliberations, Pitt Meadows City Council adopted the budget and adopted the 2021–2025 Financial Plan Bylaw in April 2021. A media release announced approval of the 2021 budget at 3.77 percent or $125 (single-family home), which is broken down as follows:

Business Plans and Presentations
Department business plan presentations occurred on November 23 and November 24, 2021.Staff presented Council with an overview of their area, including: key services; staffing complement; 2020 achievements; deferred projects; 2021 key challenges, 2021 key initiatives; and proposed operating and capital budgets. Staff also introduced any decision packages related to recommended service level changes. See below for individual department plans.

All presentations are available on the City website. To view agendas, meeting minutes or watch the video, visit pittmeadows.ca/councilmeetings.

2021 Proposed Business Plans by Department

For more information, contact the City's Finance Department at 604.465.2418 or email info@pittmeadows.ca.

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