2022-2026 Financial Plan

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2022-2026 Financial Plan

To learn more about the purpose and development of the Financial Plan see: Budget & Business Planning.

Adoption of the Financial Plan
Budget Deliberations were successfully concluded on December 13, 2021. Council reviewed and deliberated on department operating and capital budgets and decision packages.  A December 16 media release announced Council concluded budget deliberations Council concluded budget deliberations with approving a budget of $47.7 million with a combined property tax and utilities increase of 5.30% for the average single-family, equaling $181 per year ($15 per month), and 5.00% for multi-family ($113 per year or $9 per month).

The $181 increase is broken down as follows:

Following business plan presentations and budget deliberations, Pitt Meadows City Council adopted the budget and adopted the 2022–2026 Financial Plan Bylaw on March 29, 2022.

2022 Proposed Business Plans & Budget

Each fall, City departmental business plans for the following year are developed and presented to Council and the community. These are based on robust financial planning and analysis, staff input, Council direction and resident feedback heard throughout the year. The plans represent recommendations for key initiatives, budgets, and the Five-Year Financial Plan. This process provides an additional transparency and accountability to enable the community to better understand City priorities and the budgeting process.

Watch the business planning presentations that took place on November 22 and 29 at pittmeadows.ca/councilmeetings. See below for individual department plans.

Business Plans and Presentations
Department business plan presentations occurred on November 23 and November 24, 2021. Staff presented Council with an overview of their area, including: key services; staffing complement; 2020 achievements; deferred projects; 2021 key challenges, 2021 key initiatives; and proposed operating and capital budgets. Staff also introduced any decision packages related to recommended service level changes. See below for individual department plans.

All presentations are available on the City website. To view agendas, meeting minutes or watch the video, visit pittmeadows.ca/councilmeetings.

2022 Business Plans by Department 

For more information, contact the City's Finance Department at 604.465.2418 or email info@pittmeadows.ca.

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