How to Report a Bylaw Infraction

Pitt Meadows is a community of inclusive neighbourhoods where residents do their part to contribute to our outstanding quality of life. Bylaws support public safety and community harmony, and provide the tools to do this and help shape how our community lives.   

Pitt Meadows Bylaw investigates various allegations of bylaw contraventions and work to resolve complaints through education and voluntary compliance wherever possible.  Enforcement Officers enforce various bylaws and rules dealing with a wide-range of municipal regulations.

To contact the City's Bylaw Enforcement department, please contact the Bylaw Enforcement line at 604.465.2428.

The following are some of the most frequent regulations Bylaw Enforcement works with.   Search by the bylaw number or bylaw name (eg: 2131 or start typing the name of the bylaw such as building).


Bylaw NumberPost DateUpdated Date
2018 - 2022 Tax Exemption Bylaw No. 2777, 20172777, 2017
2023 - 2027 Financial Plan Bylaw No. 2949, 20232949, 2023
2023 - 2027 Tax Exemption Bylaw No. 2931, 20222931, 2022
2023 Annual Tax Rates Bylaw No. 2948, 20232948, 2023
Administration Services Fee Setting Bylaw No. 2575, 20122575, 2012
Arena Capital Reserve Fund Bylaw No. 2509, 20112509, 2011
Beekeeping Bylaw No. 2590, 20132590, 2013
Board of Variance Bylaw No. 2861, 20202861, 2020
Boulevard Maintenance Bylaw No. 2377, 20082377, 2008
Building Bylaw No. 2131, 20032131, 2003

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