Enforcement Service Description

Services include enforcement of the City's bylaws on proactive and/or complaint basis, as issues of concern emerge in the community.

About the Service

Bylaw enforcement occurs through a multi-layered process to provide compliance with municipal bylaws:

  • Alternate dispute resolution methods.
  • Community and resident education.
  • Voluntary compliance and acceptance on an individual basis.
  • Ultimately, ticketing/fines and/or court proceedings, if compliance not forthcoming.

Enforcement Measures

The City uses a variety of enforcement measures.  The most preferred is to simply talk to people who are violating the City's bylaws, explain the need for the bylaws and obtain voluntary compliance.

Where the City cannot easily meet with people, letters will be sent explaining the nature of the violation and asking for compliance by a specific date.  Follow up investigations will occur to ensure compliance.  If compliance is not achieved formal legal proceedings may commence or, under the Bylaw Offence Notice Bylaw, a ticket(s) may be issued.  For parking violations, a bylaw offence notice may be issued without notice.

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