Policies are a governing framework adopted by Council to guide City operations to promote transparency, accountability, and responsible government. 

The following list includes all current Council policies.  Please note that policies are provided online for information or research purposes only.  Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of policies posted here.

C095 Debt Policy Section 05 - Finance
C048 Risk Management Section 06 - Legal Matters
C050 Hiring of CAO Section 07 - Personnel
C074 Council Social Media Use Section 07 - Personnel
C075 Annual Performance Review - Chief Administrative Officer Section 07 - Personnel
C101 Respectful Workplace Section 07 - Personnel
C023 Liquor License Application Section 09 - Legislative and Regulatory Affairs
C016 Administering Internal Drainage Facilities Section 11 - Engineering and Public Works
C019 Sandbag Distribution Section 11 - Engineering and Public Works
C020 Road Network Snow and Ice Policy Section 11 - Engineering and Public Works


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