Pitt Meadows Fire & Rescue Service (PMFRS) provides critical services that help keep the community and citizens safe. Their firefighters serve the City through excellence in emergency management, fire prevention, education, and emergency response.

Key Responsibilities

  • Ensure the protection of property and the safety and wellbeing of citizens of Pitt Meadows.
  • Respond to fire, medical and other emergencies.
  • Conduct emergency response planning for natural and human-made disasters.
  • Conduct fire bylaws inspections and fire investigations.
  • Provide public education and prevention programs.
  • Provide ongoing training programs for Paid-on- Call Firefighters and staff.

The primary mandate of the Pitt Meadows Fire Rescue Service (PMFRS) is to protect life, property and the environment from fire and natural or man-made emergencies.  At the core of the department is a highly dedicated and trained group of 40 paid-on-call volunteer firefighters.  13 additional career staff are responsible for department management, supervision, inspections, training, public education and operational readiness. Collectively, they perform all aspects of department operations and respond to a wide variety of emergency incidents across four key areas:

Fire Suppression
The PMFRS responds to incidents involving or potentially involving fire. This includes fire alarm activations of all types. They assess the problem, protect lives and property, and minimize damage to the environment.

Medical Response
In support of the BC Ambulance Service, PMFRS are trained as First Responders for medical emergencies.  PMFRS responds to the most serious life-threatening calls such as heart attacks, major trauma, diabetics, falls/collapse, poisonings and overdoses as classified and dispatched by BC Ambulance Service.

Rescue and Safety
PMFRS also responds to a wide range of other miscellaneous incidents such as motor vehicle and aircraft accidents, dangerous goods spills, wires down, damage to gas lines, and complaints of various types including opening burning.

Public Education & Prevention
In order to reduce the occurrence and potential consequences of fires, the department proactively provides prevention & inspections programs as per the BC Fire Code. PMFRS also provides fire & life safety education and emergency preparedness training information and programs to a wide variety of community groups, including schools. In addition the department participates with Pitt Meadows Secondary to facilitate the Youth Firefighter Academy to provide fire service training as part of the schools work experience program. 

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