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Our Vision, Values, and Mission

Our Vision

Pitt Meadows is a vibrant small city in a natural setting - a sustainable community that balances growth with the protection of its natural environment.

Our Core Values

Council and Staff are committed to:

  • providing high quality value-added customer service
  • building supportive relationships based on integrity, mutual respect and teamwork
  • providing effective stewardship by taking personal responsibility for the City's strength and well being
  • creating a culture which values and supports diversity, risk-taking, continuous learning and improvement
  • effective dynamic planning through shared decision-making and direct, open communication
  • developing and sustaining a safe, secure and supportive work place

Mission Statement

To maintain a liveable community that provides a wide range of opportunities for individual and corporate citizens to thrive in a sustainable manner.

Corporate Strategic Priorities

The goal of the City of Pitt Meadows Corporate Strategic Planning process is to identify and document the priorities of the municipality for the short term, and to lay the foundation and internal structures for the development of detailed longer-term work plans.

The strategic planning process helps to guide the City's short term corporate decision-making, corporate work plan, annual budgets, and five year financial plan implementation processes.

These strategic planning documents are living documents that must be regularly reviewed and fine tuned as appropriate over the course of Council's term.

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