The purpose of a public hearing is to give you an opportunity to voice your support or concerns on an issue before the Council.  

Public Hearing Information

There are no scheduled Public Hearings at this time.

How to Participate
  • Written submissions are provided to Council prior to the Public Hearing.
  • Submissions received after the deadline will be made available 'on table' for review at the Public Hearing.  
  • All submissions become part of public record.
  • Submissions should be directed to the Corporate Officer's Office by:
    • Email to
    • Drop off at City Hall (12007 Harris Road, Pitt Meadows) during regular business hours (8:30am - 4:30pm, Monday thru Friday)
    • Mail to City of Pitt Meadows, Attn: Corporate Officer's Office, 12007 Harris Road, Pitt Meadows, BC   V3Y 2B5
Day of the Public Hearing
  • Every person attending the Public Hearing will be given the opportunity to be heard. 
  • If you wish to provide written comment but did not submit your correspondence by the deadline, please deliver it to the Corporate Officer at the Public Hearing.
During the Public Hearing
  • Those who wish to comment at the Public Hearing are given an opportunity to do so, up to a maximum of three minutes each. 
  • After all participants have spoken, the floor will open to those who wish to speak a second time.  The Public Hearing will continue until everyone who wishes to has the opportunity to speak, after which the Chair will close the meeting. 
Speaking at the Public Hearing
  • Council's role at the Public Hearing is to listen to the public.  Council will not challenge your comments, but may ask questions for clarification. 
  • After the staff presentations, the Chair will invite comments from the floor .
  • Those appearing before Council must state their full name, street, neighbourhood, and city for the record. 
  • Direct all your comments and answers to the Chair.
  • Speak slowly and clearly into the microphone.
  • Be prepared- speakers are limited to three minutes.

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