COVID-19 Update

During the COVID-19 pandemic, public hearings will be conducted electronically/virtually and livestreamed online, in accordance with Ministerial Order M192. If you have any questions regarding the public hearing process, please contact:

Kate Barchard | Corporate Officer | 604.465.2462

Public Hearing Information

The purpose of a public hearing is to allow affected citizens to provide their views to their elected officicals on the adoption of certain bylaws such as Official Community Plans and zoning amendments.  All persons who believe that their interest in property is affected by a proposed bylaw that is subject to a public hearing will be afforded a reasonable opportunity to be heard.

** There are no public hearings scheduled at this time. **

Participate LIVE in the Public Hearing

1.   Participate Live using Zoom Webinar

When public hearings are scheduled, you can register online to use your computer, smart phone, or tablet to join the Zoom video conference to share your comments.  After registering at the link above, you'll receive a confirmation email that will contain the Zoom meeting details you need to join the meeting on the scheduled date. 

*If using a mobile device, please take a moment to download the Zoom app from the app store in advance. In order to make comment, you will need a microphone on your device. 

2.   Join LIVE by Phone (audio only):

You can also register to join the electronic public hearing by phone. Use the same registeration link. You'll receive a confirmation email that will contain the dial-in information that you require. 

If you miss the opportunity to register for the public hearing, an opportunity to speak will still be provided to you near the end of the public hearing.  Please watch the live stream at the link above and then follow the prompts on the screen when it's time. 

Alternatively, you can register to speak at the Public Hearing by calling us at 604.465.2472. 

*If you are using your phone to call in with audio only, you can enter the speaker queue by pressing *9 on your keypad. When it's your turn to speak, you will hear a prompt on your phone that you've been unmuted.  Staff will ask you to start with sharing your name and address of residence before making your comments. 

Submit Written Comments to Council
EmailSend an email to 
MailMail your comments to the Corporate Officer at:
City of Pitt Meadows
12007 Harris Road,
Pitt Meadows, BC  V3Y 2B5
DropboxDrop off your written comments at the City Hall Dropbox on the west side of the building by the main entrance, to the attention of the Corporate Officer.

Submissions received BEFORE 3:00 pm on the Thursday prior to the meeting will be included in the meeting agenda package.  Submissions received AFTER this deadline, up until 3:00 pm on the day of the public hearing, will form part of an on-table circulation.

Public Hearings in General
  • Every person attending the Public Hearing will be given the opportunity to be heard. 
  • Council's role at the Public Hearing is to listen to the public.  Council will not challenge your comments, but may ask questions for clarification. 
  • After the staff presentations, the Chair will invite comments from the public.
  • Those who wish to comment at the Public Hearing are given an opportunity to do so, up to a maximum of three minutes each. 
  • After all participants have spoken, the floor will open to those who wish to speak a second time.  The Public Hearing will continue until everyone who wishes to speak, has had the opportunity to, after which the Chair will close the meeting. 
  • Those appearing before Council must state their full name, street, neighbourhood, and city for the record. 
  • Direct all your comments and answers to the Chair.
  • Speak slowly and clearly.
  • Be prepared; speakers are limited to three minutes.
Do You Require a Special Accommodation?

We understand not all participants or individuals who are directly affected by the Public Hearing are able to join virtually.  If you feel you require a special accommodation to attend City Hall in person to make your comments, please contact Legislative Services at 604.465.2472 to make arrangements.  

Remote participation is encouraged whenever possible in light of COVID-19.

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