A delegation is a presentation to Council by a member of the public or an organization for the purpose of highlighting topics of municipal interest or concern.  

Policy C010 - Delegations Before Council, provides guidelines and requirements for:

  • the submission of delegation requests;
  • the approval and scheduling process for delegations; and
  • the presentation protocol for delegations.

A person wishing to appear as a delegation to Council must register a request in writing to the Corporate Officer's Office no later than 12:00 noon on Monday the week preceding the desired meeting.  Supporting documents, letters or other material for distribution to Council must accompany the request.

Speakers will be restricted to the subject matter specified in the written request and to a limit of 10 minutes; five (5) minutes for presentation and five (5) minutes for questions/comments from Council, unless extended by a unanimous vote of Council present at the meeting.

Delegations are heard at Regular Council Meetings.
Please refer to the current Council Meeting Calendar (or as posted on City Hall Notice Board) for the schedule of Council Meetings for the fiscal year. Your delegation time and date will be confirmed by the Thursday of the week preceding the meeting.
Please provide specific details about your intended presentation; attach additional information if required.
Will you be making a PowerPoint presentation?
Will you have handouts for Council?
Do you require any accessibility accommodations?

Appearing Before Council as a Delegation:
1.    Persons or organizations wishing to appear before Council as a delegation must submit a written request. You may forward your request using one of the following methods:
•    email: info@pittmeadows.ca
•    mail or hand deliver: City of Pitt Meadows, 12007 Harris Road, Pitt Meadows, V3Y 2B5
2.    If your request is approved, you will receive notification from the Legislative Services Department who will schedule your delegation for the first available meeting date, unless other arrangements are confirmed.
3.    If you are using an electronic presentation (e.g. PowerPoint), you must provide the Legislative Services Department with the file via email or on a flash drive/memory stick no later than 12:00 p.m. on the Thursday prior to the scheduled meeting.
4.    Please include all pertinent background information and related documents with your Delegation Request Form so that all necessary details may be considered.
On the evening of your Delegation:
1.    Delegates will arrive ten (10) minutes prior to the start time of their scheduled meeting and announce their arrival to Legislative Services staff in the Council Chamber.
2.    Delegations are restricted to five (5) minutes for the presentation (unless otherwise approved by the Chair) and five (5) minutes for questions and comments from Council. The delegation topic must be restricted to the topic confirmed with the Legislative Services Department.
3.    Delegates will refrain from engaging in improper conduct including disrespectful comments, personal attacks or abusive language. Such behaviour may result in the termination of the delegation by the Chair and, should the delegate not adhere to the decisions of the Chair, the Chair may order the person expelled from the meeting or have the meeting recessed until the issue is resolved.

Appearing Before Council as a Delegation

NOTICE: Delegations are held at public Council meetings, which are broadcast live via the City’s website and available as a recorded archive from the City’s website following the live event. The name of each delegation and their topic of discussion may become part of the public record in the meeting agenda and minutes, which will be available online at pittmeadows.ca. Personal information collected on this form will be managed in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Any questions, or concerns regarding the collection, use, disclosure, or safeguarding of personal information associated with this form can be directed to: FOI Head, City of Pitt Meadows, 12007 Harris Road, Pitt Meadows, BC, V3Y 2B5, or kbarchard@pittmeadows.ca

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