Policies are a governing framework adopted by Council to guide City operations to promote transparency, accountability, and responsible government. 

The following list includes all current Council policies.  Please note that policies are provided online for information or research purposes only.  Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of policies posted here.

C001 Flag PolicySection 01 - Administration
C003 Council Proclamations and AnnouncementsSection 01 - Administration
C005 Council Appointments - Length of TenureSection 01 - Administration
C008 Non-payment of Consultation Fees: Other Levels of Govenrment & Third PartiesSection 01 - Administration
C009 Council LiaisonSection 01 - Administration
C010 Delegations Before CouncilSection 01 - Administration
C011 Commissioner for Taking AffidavitsSection 01 - Administration
C039 Distribution of Agendas and MinutesSection 01 - Administration
C041 Public Hearing Process & Chair Introductory StatementSection 01 - Administration
C051 Council CorrespondenceSection 01 - Administration

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