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Council - Second Year in Review

Pitt Meadows City Council and staff have persevered through an unprecedented and challenging year. With focus and dedication, significant strides continued to be made in all areas of strategic importance. During Council’s second year in office, many support initiatives were created in response to COVID-19, while Council proceeded with several large-scale projects regarding public safety, community planning, and the continuous improvement of facilities, infrastructure and services.

Two key priorities for this year have been:

1. COVID-19 Pandemic
Council led the City through the first eight months of COVID-19, prioritizing the safety and well-being of all citizens and staff, focusing on essential services and protecting jobs. This included the implementation of various financial prudence measures, modification of spaces in facilities to meet public health requirements, and the provision of support to local businesses and citizens with the creation of two task forces, new bylaws, and relief grants.

2. Enhanced Public Safety
Council made progress on several public safety initiatives including moving forward with the next steps for an independent RCMP detachment as well as the demolition of the old Fire Hall to make way for construction of the new hall. Council also developed an Emergency Support Services Response protocol specific to COVID-19, updated the Community Evacuation Plan, and installed video surveillance cameras at the Youth Action (Skate) Park to better support law enforcement and prevent property damage.

To see a full list of Council’s achievements over the past year, visit

Council - First Year in Review

Pitt Meadows City Council and staff have had a busy and productive first year (Nov 2018-2019)  to Council’s four-year term. Here are the highlights of Council’s first 365 days in office:  

Pitt Meadows City Council—A Year in Review

Pitt Meadows City Council—First 120 Days 

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