Conclusion of the Alternative Approval Process

Pitt Meadows City Council Adopts Park Designation Amendment Bylaw No. 2892, 2021

The City of Pitt Meadows sought approval of the electors by alternative approval process in accordance with Section 86 of the Community Charter. The question before the electors was whether they were opposed to the adoption of the Parks Designation Amendment Bylaw No. 2892, 2021 which removes the park dedication from 2,320 m2 of land directly north of the Pitt Meadows Heritage Hall as shown below outlined in yellow on Map 1.  This exclusion was required to permit the development and construction of a new RCMP detachment on this site.  To learn more about the Pitt Meadows RCMP Detachment initiative, please click here.

Map 1 – 2,320 m2 or 24,972 ft2 of land to be removed from park designation bylaw

Approval of the electors is obtained if the number of valid elector responses received by the deadline is less than 10% of the number of electors of the area. In Pitt Meadows, there are 14,311 eligible electors; 10% equals 1,431.  The City received 202 Elector Response Forms [the equivalent of 1.4% of eligible electors of Pitt Meadows] indicating their opposition to the park designation removal.  As a result, electorate approval has been obtained on this matter. 

Park Designation Amendment Bylaw No. 2892, 2021 received the first three readings on May 11, 2021.  Following the AAP, the bylaw was adopted by Council at the July 6, 2021 Regular Meeting of Council  [please see time stamp at minute marker 7:47].


2892, 2021 - Parks Designation Amendment Bylaw
1012, 1984 - Parks Designation Bylaw


Staff Report to Council - July 6, 2021
Staff Report to Council - May 11, 2021


Certified Results of the Alternative Approval Process
Notice of Alternate Approval Process

 For information on the AAP, please contact:
Kate Barchard | Corporate Officer | | 604.465.2462

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