Intentionality, Courage, Community

We are Advancing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

At the City of Pitt Meadows, we strive to foster a workplace culture where every employee feels welcome, safe, a sense of belonging, receives ample support, and forges meaningful connections within our municipal organization.

To remain progressive and impactful as an organization, it is imperative that we acknowledge our past, assess our current situation, and actively pursue necessary changes to propel us forward in a manner that is inclusive, diverse, and equitable for all.

Together, on this journey to advance equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in the workplace, we are committed to creating a safe space for honest reflection, learning, and adjustment. It will not always be a straight path forward—but with dedication, we will step closer to our mission of a friendly, safe, and healthy community that values all people.


In 2023, the City embarked on a dedicated journey of introspection aimed at evaluating our current state of EDI within our organization. We engaged the services of a reputable and experienced Canadian EDI consulting firm ‘Inclusivity’ to guide us through this process from an objective lens and a practical approach for systemic change.

This process included a review of our policies and procedures, engagement with our leaders and staff, an employee survey, and careful analysis of our internal data to identify any disparities in opportunities and experiences of our employees based on their identities.

We extend our sincere gratitude to the over 100 individual staff members who actively participated in this endeavor; their narratives, insights, and aspirations have helped shape our path forward and inform our EDI Framework.

Our EDI Framework

The City of Pitt Meadows 2024-2029 EDI Framework builds upon our current commitments and provides a systematic approach to embed EDI into the City—from the systems and processes that shape the way we learn and work, to the employees who bring the culture to life. 

Guiding Principles: 

The Framework is guided by the following three principles, which shape our behaviours and decision-making regarding EDI at the City:

➔    Intentionality. We intentionally attract people from diverse backgrounds to be part of our team and we create safe environments for them to thrive while being themselves. The City will work diligently to support our diverse employees especially those who might face systemic barriers in accessing our services.

➔    Courage. We challenge ourselves and others to maintain the highest standards of quality service so our people feel safe and supported in their work and workplace. To do this, we need courage to acknowledge mistakes, speak up, and do things differently if needed.

➔    Community. We are a community-serving organization. As an employer, we advocate for EDI by creating partnerships with organizations and individuals who share our values and work collectively to remove barriers for marginalized groups.

Action Pillars: 

While the guiding principles shape our mindset, the following four pillars represent essential action areas. These pillars are structured in a sequential and systematic framework to be implemented gradually, ensuring lasting impact and sustainability. Each pillar is further supported by specific and measurable actions over a designated time.

➔    Governance and Accountability. The City will establish a clear engagement structure to achieve its EDI vision and goals. This structure will establish accountability and will support and empower employees to be involved.

➔    Education and Training. The City will prioritize education initiatives that equip individuals with foundational awareness and knowledge to support continued conversations for an inclusive, equitable, and diverse organization.

➔    Systemic Change. The City will create structures and an environment for collaboration. We will remove barriers for employees from marginalized communities.

➔    Community Engagement. As the City progresses into the community engagement phase of our EDI journey, the organization will develop relationships with partners to increase its diversity and to elevate the voices of people from diverse communities.

Guided by our principles of intentionality, courage, and community, and anchored by our action pillars of governance, education, systemic change, and community engagement, we recognize the importance of collective effort and continuous improvement. With dedication, collaboration, and focus on our shared values, we aim to create an environment where all employees thrive and contribute to an inclusive, diverse, and equitable community.

We share this work publicly to build transparency and accountability, and to invite dialogue to advance EDI at the City.

Truth and Reconciliation

Woven within our EDI Framework is an overarching consideration and recognition that social equity for Indigenous Peoples arises from a distinctly different history and cultural and legal relationship to land than other marginalized groups. It is important to acknowledge this distinction, rather than categorizing the experiences and rights of Indigenous Peoples with those of settlers and immigrants.

Efforts to develop and implement a reconciliation framework with q̓ic̓əy̓ (Katzie) First Nation will be pursued independently of the City’s EDI work.  

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