Emergency Alerts

The City of Pitt Meadows monitors current river levels using gauges in three locations:

  • Alouette Gauge (Alouette River)
  • Baynes Gauge (Fraser River)
  • Fenton Gauge (Pitt River

Mission Gauge – Flood Preparation

In addition, the City monitors data from the Mission gauge, which shows the Fraser River level at Mission.

Flooding in Pitt Meadows is largely determined by what is happening in the Cariboo region coming through Prince George via the Fraser River. Flooding will typically show up in Mission first. Flood response planning is based on Mission gauge levels.


For information about the seasonal outlook on water supply, please see the River Forecast Centre's Snow Conditions & Water Supply Bulletin.

For river levels and outlook on the coming season, please select from the options below to generate a visual report or create a data extract on the selected criteria.


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