Enhancing Public Safety and Service for Pitt Meadows

After three years of extensive review, research and consultation, the City is transitioning towards an independent RCMP Detachment in order to provide enhanced police visibility, public safety, service levels and responsiveness in Pitt Meadows. By creating an independent RCMP Detachment in Pitt Meadows, the City is confident that police services will better meet the specific safety needs and concerns of our community. The community engagement conducted and feedback that the City has received to date demonstrates that the majority of our residents support this decision, as well as Katzie First Nation, the Ridge Meadows RCMP, City of Maple Ridge and the National Police Federation.

Did you know?

  • Policing Services comprise of 22.7 percent or $5.58 million of the City’s operational budget.
  • The independent RCMP detachment would operate within this existing budget and provide much better service to our unique community and better return on our investment.
  • The police services building would be funded without a property tax increase and by potential grant money.
  • With our own detachment, Pitt Meadows will see five dedicated members per shift (currently two) and its own dedicated Officer in Charge.
  •  We will still have access to the RCMP’s integrated units such as homicide, major crime, gangs, forensics, and fatal vehicle accidents. 

Request for Independent RCMP Detachment Moving Forward
The City is awaiting formal approval from the RCMP Commanding Officer and Provincial Minister and has completed a spatial analysis that identified the current Pitt Meadows Art Gallery/Athletic Building location as the preferred site. 

What's New

On May 11, 2021, Council passed a motion to use an alternative approval process to remove a small portion of park designated land (2320m2 or 24972 ft2) directly north of the Heritage Hall for the construction of the new RCMP detachment on the site.

The 10 metre strip of land along the eastern-most boundary of the impacted area will provide buffer space for any adjustments to the building design that might be needed as the project progresses. If it is needed, there are two options to keep the baseball fields whole:

Option 1:        Shift the baseball diamond 10 metres east to allow for sufficient room for the full size field without impacting play. 
Option 2:        Create an additional field at the Pitt Meadows Athletic Park (PMAP) as part of the eight acre amenity contribution negotiated by the City and provided by Onni. 

Preliminary discussions with Board Members of the Ridge Meadows Minor Baseball Association indicated they are supportive of either of these options and are looking forward to further discussions with the City as this project unfolds.

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Preferred Site for Future RCMP Detachment 
On March 9, 2021 , following the recommendations from an independent site analysis, Council unanimously selected the site of the current Pitt Meadows Art Gallery (PMAG)/Athletic Building as the preferred location for the future independent RCMP detachment. This decision was made based on a number of considerations including cost and the site meeting the majority of the City’s and RCMP’s desired criteria. 

After assessing 13 potential options, the most feasible and cost-effective location is the current PMAG building/Athletic Building site on Harris Road for the following reasons:

  • Site satisfies RCMP safety and security requirements
  • Lowest cost option
  • City-owned property
  • Fits construction timeline
  • Central and visible location, close to transit and outside of the Agricultural Land Reserve and flood hazard zone
  • Childcare services are not affected
  • No disruption to police operations
  • Offers opportunities to re-purpose existing Community Police Office (CPO)

Read the full news release here

Next Steps 
With both Pitt Meadows Council and the community’s support, the City is seeking formal approvals from the Deputy Commissioner Jennifer Strachan, Commanding Officer E Division, and the Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General, Mike Farnworth to proceed with the creation of an independent detachment and to create and implement a transition plan.

In June 2019, the City of Pitt Meadows launched a review of the City’s current police services model to examine how local RCMP resources can be deployed to enhance service and responsiveness to citizens in the community.

The City of Pitt Meadows presented the police services review and recommendations to the community on February 18, 2020. This followed the recent completion of the RCMP Polices Services Review by an independent consultant. 

The review examined three possible options:
1) Option One: Status Quo – maintains the current integrated Ridge Meadows RCMP Detachment model. There would be no change to service delivery.
2) Option Two: Service Level Agreement – maintains joint services model but with local leadership and more service and resources allocated to the Community Police Office in Pitt Meadows.
3) Option Three: Autonomous Pitt Meadows RCMP Detachment (recommended) – a more accountable independent RCMP detachment with services tailored to community needs.

Read the full report: RCMP Services & Structure Review Report  

Public Engagement
On February 18, 2020, residents were invited to attend an Engagement and Priorities Committee meeting at the Heritage Hall to learn more, ask questions and provide feedback about the Police Services Review. Those who were unable to attend were invited to provide feedback online at haveyoursaypittmeadows.ca from February 19 to March 1.

62 percent of respondents from the feedback submitted indicated their support for an independent RCMP detachment. 18 percent of comments were undetermined and 20 percent did not provide support. The same feedback included concern for potential increases in property taxes as well as the cost and availability of resources. 

Updates and Reports:

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