Established in 1941, Pitt Meadows Fire and Rescue Services provides the following services to the residents and visitors to the City of Pitt Meadows:

  • fire suppression, rescue and investigation
  • first responder medical as requested by BC Ambulance
  • fire prevention inspection as required by legislation and Council policy
  • planning pre-incident response to businesses, multi-family, institutions and farms
  • fire prevention and public safety programs for students, seniors and others
  • fire response to Pitt Meadows Airport
  • administration and enforcement of the City burning regulation bylaw
  • delivery of ongoing training programs for paid-on-call firefighters and staff

New Fire Hall

Construction of a new Fire Hall is underway and is expected to be completed in late 2022.

New Fire Hall Replacement Project Updates  


Our mission is to work as a team serving the city of Pitt Meadows by protecting life, property and the environment from fire and other risks.


Our vision is to be the best volunteer-based fire and rescue service in British Columbia.

Core Values

In our work, we will:

  • take pride in all we do and who we are.
  • be dependable to each other, the community and our families.
  • let safety determine our actions.
  • use integrity as our guide in all matters.


Fireworks and Pyrotechnics Bylaw No. 2673 regulates where, when and which types of fireworks can be sold. It also regulates the use of pyrotechnics.

  • Sky lanterns— known as Chinese lanterns, Kongming lanterns or wish lantern— are prohibited in Pitt Meadows. They are popular at weddings and outdoor celebrations, but pose a serious fire safety hazard.
  • Firecrackers— Firecrackers of all types are illegal in Canada. These include bottle rockets, screechers, screecharoos, humaroos, supersonic bang, butterfly thunder and air bombs, and items similarly named.

Fire Protection and Life Safety Bylaw No. 2405 regulates requirements for fire protection.

    Burning Regulation Bylaw No. 2688 regulates how, when and where things can be burned.

    • Burning is only permitted on agriculturally zoned properties with a permit during a spring and fall burning season. Apply for a burning permit


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