Barbeques are a potential fire hazard for apartments and condos, and smoke can cause nuisance fire alarms.

The City of Pitt Meadows does not have any bylaws prohibiting barbeques on open balconies. Find safety information about barbeques on balconies and guidelines for strata corporations.

Propane Barbeques

There are strict standards and regulations that govern the production, storage, transportation and use of propane to ensure your safety.

Propane cannot be used or stored in a building; however, propane is permitted on some balconies. Follow these requirements:

  • The balcony must be open with no additional enclosures or walls.
  • Transport propane cylinders in a service elevator. If there is no service elevator, you can use the passenger elevator, but you must be alone. 
  • Propane cylinders must be kept outdoors.
  • The barbeque must be kept clear of combustible material, as listed in the barbeque’s rating plate or in the certified instructions.
  • The propane cylinder relief valve must be at least one metre horizontally from any building opening below it and three metres from any building air intake.
  • No combustibles can be within one metre of the sides of the barbeque and three metres from the top.
  • Propane cannot be stored inside any structure.
  • Under no circumstances are propane barbeque cylinders that use POL 20 lb cylinders to be used or stored inside a building.

Natural Gas Barbeques

Natural gas barbeques are connected by gas line to the building's natural gas supply.

Propane regulations do not apply to natural gas barbeques; however, the installation must be carried out by a licensed and certified gas technician.

Electric and Briquette Barbeques

Electric and briquette barbeques can be used on an apartment balcony.

General safety requirements are to keep the barbeque one metre (three feet) away from any combustibles (e.g., wood railings, siding, etc.) and three metres (10 feet) from any combustible overhang.

Strata Guidelines

Taking all of the above into consideration, stratas have the following options:

1. Stratas can pass rules to prohibit all barbeques on balconies.

2. Stratas can allow the use of barbeques on balconies but may consider other restrictions. For example:

  • Stratas may permit only natural gas or electric barbeques and prohibit propane barbeques. They may provide additional restrictions about proximity to combustibles.  wishing to allow the use of barbeques may decide to pass a rule prohibiting
  • Strata may permit only natural or electric gas barbeques on decks or balconies that have automatic sprinklers.
  • Stratas may pass rules about the upkeep of barbeques. They may require proof that the barbeque is in good working order or proof of annual maintenance.


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