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About Crime Map

The crime map provides information about recent and historical property crime incidents. The provided data has been anonymized and contains no personal information. The incident marker locations that are displayed have been positioned in the approximate area of the incident.

The crime map shows information and locations for the following types of property crimes:

  • Break and Enter
  • Mischief
  • Theft
  • Theft from Motor Vehicle
  • Theft of Motor Vehicle
  • Other

Incident information includes:

  • Location
  • Area
  • Crime Type
  • Occurrence Type
  • Reported Time
  • File Number


The crime map defaults to displaying crime incidents that have occurred within the last fourteen days of available data. Incidents are easily filtered by File Number, Date and Crime Type by clicking on the Apply a Filter button, located in the bottom left corner of the map.


Crime incident data can be downloaded or accessed in many popular formats. Adjust the filter setting to isolate or show all crime incidents, and the export process will reflect the content shown on the map.  Here are the data formats available:

  • HTML Web Page
  • Microsoft Excel File
  • Test File
  • Google Earth KML Format


Crime Map uses a standard crime mapping symbol set, developed and made available by ESRI.


Many thanks to the City of Nanaimo for assisting us with the development of our crime map project. We salute them for their openness in sharing their operational experience and technical information to help us move forward with this project.

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