How We Get Our Water

Water is purchased from Metro Vancouver.  It is delivered to Pitt Meadows from the Coquitlam watershed through high pressure watermains that run alongside Lougheed Highway.  Metro Vancouver is responsible for the transportation and quality of the water to the borders of Pitt Meadows, from which point the City takes over.  Supplying water from the source to the consumer is a partnership between Metro Vancouver and the City of Pitt Meadows.

Water Quality

Water quality must comply with British Columbia's Drinking Water Regulations.  Samples are collected weekly from seven sites throughout the City for testing by Metro Vancouver.  There is a rechlorination station located on the Pitt River to ensure water quality.

Most water mains in the municipality are flushed annually, which occasionally results in a temporary drop in water pressure or noticeable discolouration in tap water.  Should you experience discolouration in your water, run an outside tap for approximately 20 minutes then try your inside tap again to ensure any sediment has been cleared.

Drinking Water Quality Report, 2019

For any questions regarding water quality, please call Metro Vancouver Water Quality line at 604.451.6010.

Water Service Charges

Water consumption costs are charged to most residential and commercial users based on a flat fee.  This fee is charged annually based on the property tax notice due the first business day following July 1 of each year.  Large volume water users and most farms are charged for water based on a metered usage. Meter readings and billings are done twice a year for the periods of January to June and July to December.

Charges provided by the City for sewer-related services of any kind that remain unpaid on December 31 are deemed to be property taxes in arrears. These charges are in respect of the property to which the service was provided and are recoverable under the provisions of the Local Government Act.  

For more information on water fees and charges, please refer to the Waterworks Bylaw No. 2343, 2008.

New Water Connection

To request an installation of a new connection, please contact Development Services by calling 604.465.2428 (Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm).  

Review the Waterworks Bylaw No. 2343, 2008 for information relating to connection fees and charges along with the application for a new connection and/or disconnection.  As outlined in the  Waterworks Bylaw No. 2343, 2008, there is only one service connection per parcel of land permitted, with exception to duplex and multi-family developments.  The maximum size of a water connection is 25mm.  

Once the application forms are filled out, please drop off completed forms to City Hall (12007 Harris Road) or fax to 604.465.2404.

Water Shut Off

There is no charge for water shut-off or turn-on during regular business hours. These services are provided by the City during regular office hours (Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm).   There is no charge for an after-hours emergency water shut-off.

If you require the water to be shut off, please submit a request through our Report a Problem online service request form, or contact the Public Works department during regular business hours by calling 604.465.5454.   When submitting the request through Report a Problem, please note that the request must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance of when you anticipate the work being done in order to allow our staff sufficient time to service the site.  In the event there is a water line break noted between the curb stop and the main water shut-off valve in the house and is deemed an emergency, please notify us immediately.  

For requesting an emergency shut off after-hours, please call 604.465.2465.

Report a Problem

Charges & Fees

As outlined in the Waterworks Bylaw No. 2343, 2008, Schedule A (Bylaw, No. 2544, 2012)

Water Turn On and Off Fees
Working Days No Charge
At all other times

No Charge

Abandonment Fees
Permanent/Temporary - The fees for disconnecting either for a permanent or temporary water service connection shall be at the actual cost of direct materials, labour, equipment, plus 20% of the total of these amounts for overhead or $20.00 whichever is the greater regardless of the size of connection


Fire Hydrants
Inspection Fee
Bond / Security Deposit
Service Fee
Permit Fee


Meter Reading Charge
For each call:

  • excluding regularly scheduled readings for the purpose of calculating water usage charges 
  • includes the second call for regularly scheduled readings for the purpose of calculating water usage charges if access was not provided



Service Connection Charges
Non-refundable Application Fee
All service connections shall be at the actual cost of direct materials, labour, equipment plus overhead as specified by the City of Pitt Meadows Administration Services Fee Setting Bylaw No. 2486, 2011.
Sprinkler Permit Fee (Lawn Irrigation)$50

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