Water Restrictions Start May 1

Water restrictions are part of the regional Water Shortage Response Plan set by Metro Vancouver. Region-wide sprinkling regulations help us use and preserve our drinking water wisely when water use is higher than usual and the weather is dry.

From May 1 to October 15, Stage 1 watering restrictions are in effect. This means residents can only water lawns on specific days and times. For residential lawn watering, even-numbered addresses Wednesday, Saturday mornings 4 am to 9 am; odd-numbered addresses Thursday, Sunday mornings 4 am to 9 am.


Water Restrictions Do Not Apply to the Use of Rainwater, Grey Water or Any Forms of Recycled Water.

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Lawn Sprinkling Permits

Watering restrictions apply to all properties but we do offer lawn sprinkling permits for newly seeded and newly laid turf lawns. A permit is required to sprinkler outside regular restricted hours.

Permits are $50 and are valid for three weeks after date of purchase. One additional renewal permit is allowed for additional $50.

To apply for a permit or for more information, please call  604-465-2428 and leave your name,a phone number and address The $50 permit fee can be mailed in or put in the secured drop box the at the main doors of City Hall.

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