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Waterworks Bylaw 2891, 2021

The newly adopted Waterworks Bylaw No. 2891, 2021 includes the addition of residential water metering for new, replaced or significantly renovated homes (over $50,000 or more), so all new water connections in the City will require a water meter.

Water Service Charges

Water consumption costs are charged to most residential and commercial users based on a flat rate. This fee is charged annually based on the property tax notice due the first business day following July 1 of each year.

Large volume water users and most farms are charged for water based on a metered usage. Meter readings and billings are done twice a year for the periods of January to June and July to December.

Charges provided by the City for water-related services of any kind that remain unpaid on December 31 are deemed to be property taxes in arrears. These charges are in respect of the property to which the service was provided and are recoverable under the provisions of the Local Government Act.

For more information on water fees and charges, please refer to the Waterworks Bylaw No. 2891, 2021.

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