The Canadian Pacific (CP) rail corridor runs the length of Pitt Meadows from east to west (from Maple Ridge to the Pitt River). Although railways have supported much of the region’s growth, increasing rail activity has started to adversely impact local traffic movement and raise community liveability and safety concerns.

The segment of CP rail track between Harris Road and Kennedy Road is one of the busiest segments of CP’s network in British Columbia, with trains blocking these crossing up to 3.5 hours per day.

Although rail operations are federally regulated and the City has no authority over rail operations, we are committed to working with CP as well as exploring and considering all federal regulatory and legislative opportunities available to address the concerns of our community and residents.

Safety improvements

The City works with the railways to improve safety and minimize traffic congestion around trains. Some examples of this work includes:

  • Improving signage to increase awareness for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists
  • Working with Operation Lifesaver https://vancouver.ca/images/cov/icons/globe.gif to increase public awareness of safety at rail crossings. 

Pitt Meadows Road and Rail Improvements Project

The City is working with the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (port authority) and CP on the Pitt Meadows Road and Rail Improvements Project to build an underpass at Harris Road to separate the rail line from the road to enhance safety and reduce congestion caused by the increased train activity. Learn more at pittmeadows.ca/roadandrail.

CP Operations in Pitt Meadows

CP has operated in Pitt Meadows since 1886. Today, CP facilities in the community include two mainline tracks spanning the width of the city, the Vancouver Intermodal Facility, the CP Auto Compound, and mechanical and operational support facilities. A new intermodal cross-dock facility is under construction. Inside the Vancouver Intermodal Facility, two bridges span Katzie Slough.

Opposition to the proposed CP Logistics Park

As a separate proposed project initiated solely by CP and subject to federal approval, CP is proposing to construct a multi-modal, multi-commodity transload and logistics facility on 100 acres on the south side of the CP’s existing Vancouver Intermodal Facility, east of Kennedy Road.

Pitt Meadows City Council strongly opposes the proposed CP Logistics Park, which poses numerous and significant health, safety and environmental risks to our community. Learn more at pittmeadows.ca/nocplogisticspark.

Rail Safety Tips

Whether you are on foot, in a car, or riding a bike or recreational vehicle, staying safe around railway tracks or property is all about knowing the rules. Be sure to follow these tips—they could save your life.

  • Stay off the tracks
  • Keep off railway property
  • Use designated railway crossings
  • Obey all railway signs and signals
  • Stay alert
  • Keep your distance

Learn more at operationlifesafer.ca

Roles and Responsibilities

Learn about the different organizations and how to contact them.




Canadian Pacific (CP)

CP is a transcontinental railway in Canada and the United States with direct links to major ports on the west and east coasts.

Railway companies are responsible for the safety of their rail line infrastructure, railway equipment, and operations.

This includes ongoing inspection, testing, and maintenance programs that meet regulatory requirements, as well as any particular operating and environmental conditions.

For signal malfunctions, trespassing, or other safety concerns: 
Police Communications Centre, 24/7

Community Contact
Learn about CP’s involvement in communities that live near a railway

Frequently asked questions https://vancouver.ca/images/cov/icons/globe.gif
Community Connect contact form https://vancouver.ca/images/cov/icons/globe.gif or
email community_connect@cpr.ca

Canadian Transportation Agency

An independent, quasi-judicial tribunal and regulator that is responsible for dispute resolution related to existing rail operations (including noise, vibration, and grade separations), ensuring transportation accessibility, and the economic regulation of the industry.

Website https://vancouver.ca/images/cov/icons/globe.gif

City of Pitt Meadows

The City has local road authority and is focused on protecting and enhancing the quality of life for the community and residents.

The City of Pitt Meadows is partnering with the port authority and CP through the Pitt Meadows Road and Rail Improvements Project to construct an underpass at Harris Road that will meet the needs of the community, including improved safety, enhanced access and connections, reduced travel times, and better emergency response.

The City is also working with project partners to explore feasible noise and vibration mitigation options and secure a new location for the Hoffmann and Son Machine Shop and Old General Store (Museum).


Federation of Canadian Municipalities 

Has a Municipal Rail Safety Working Group which supports and informs FCM’s discussions with the federal government on rail safety. 

Rail Safety https://vancouver.ca/images/cov/icons/globe.gif

Health Canada

Health Canada is the federal institution responsible for helping Canadians maintain and improve their health.

Health Canada is responsible for establishing guidelines and criteria for noise caused by major resource and infrastructure projects.

Health Canada
Contact Health Canada


Operation Lifesaver

A national public rail-safety program that aims to save lives by educating Canadians about the hazards of rail crossings and trespassing on railway property.

General inquiries https://vancouver.ca/images/cov/icons/globe.gif
Request a presentation https://vancouver.ca/images/cov/icons/globe.gif
Become a rail safety ambassador 

Transport Canada

Transport Canada regulates safety of rail, including rail grade crossings, and transportation of dangerous goods. Creates policies and programs related to noise and vibration, which are enforced by the Canadian Transportation Agency.

Website https://vancouver.ca/images/cov/icons/globe.gif
613-998-2985 or


Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (the port authority)

The port authority is the federal agency, which, on behalf of all Canadians, is responsible for the stewardship of the lands and waters that make up the Port of Vancouver. The port authority’s mandate is to enable Canada’s trade objectives, ensuring goods are moved safely through the port while protecting the environment and considering local communities. The port is accountable to the federal minister of transport. The port authority is a part of the Gateway Transportation Collaboration Forum (GTCF), which was established in 2014 to ensure that the Vancouver gateway is ready to manage Canada’s growing trade.

The port authority is undertaking a number of projects to help enhance movement of trade-related cargo through the Lower Mainland, including the Pitt Meadows Road and Rail Improvements Project, while improving mobility and safety, protecting the environment, and alleviating the community impacts of growing trade.

The port authority’s website: portvancouver.com
Contact Us

Pitt Meadows Road and Rail Improvements Project webpage: portvancouver.com/pittmeadowsroadandrail

Gateway Transportation Collaboration Forum (GTCF)
Gateway Transportation Forum

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