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Snow Updates

We don’t get snow often in Pitt Meadows, but when we do, it can be inconvenient and hazardous.  Working together, both the City and residents can help keep our community clear of snow and ice so everyone can get around safely.

The City’s Operations department maintains approximately 114km of asphalt roadways, and snow is cleared from these roadways based on a priority system. The City plows snow and treats ice with salt or sand on main routes only, around the clock, until they are consistently clear.  After the main routes are clear, residential and side streets are cleared.  Depending on conditions and requirements to keep main routes open, it may be several days before side streets and residential roads are cleared. Cul-de-sacs are challenging for the large trucks and their blades to navigate, and therefore may not be plowed.

All levels of service are contingent on available resources including, but not limited to, availability of equipment, staffing, supplies, and budget.

City bylaws require all residential and business occupants to clear the public sidewalks on their property as soon as possible after a snowfall, and no later than 10:00 am. In the event of heavy snowfall, we ask you to please keep your neighbours in mind and consider offering to assist them.

City Parks and Facilities Snow and Ice Policy C096    City Sidewalks and Snow Policy C097

Boulevard Maintenance Bylaw No. 2377    Road Network Snow & Ice Policy No. C020

Snow Clearing

Snow clearing doesn't get rid of the snow, it just pushes or moves it from the driving lanes of the road so people can drive safely and get around. 

Here are some tips for dealing with snow buildup on your sidewalk or roadway:

  • Park in your driveway or parking lot rather than on the street (whenever possible) to make way for snow plow equipment. If cars are parked on the roadway, the plow may have to skip your street.
  • When shovelling snow, pile it onto your lawn instead of on the road or sidewalk. Be sure not to pile snow around fire hydrants; blocking hydrants can cause serious delays when they are critically needed.
  • Place garbage containers in cleared areas - not on snow piles. If you have a missed pickup due to the truck not being able to get into your street or you cannot place your bins at the curb, contact Waste Management about a follow-up collection at 1.800.774.9748.
  • Clear snow and ice away from catch basins to allow water from melting snow and ice to flow freely into storm sewers. City crews work to clear catch basins when possible, but if residents can assist with this we can get to a cleared and safe status much faster.

Be A Good Neighbour

Be a 'Snow Angel' during the winter season by helping those who may need assistance such as those who are elderly or have mobility and/or other health issues. Being a Snow Angel means supporting your neighbours who need help with snow and ice removal.

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