Snow and Ice in Pitt Meadows

We don’t get snow often in Pitt Meadows, but when we do, it can be inconvenient and hazardous.  Working together, both the City and residents can help keep our community clear of snow and ice so everyone can get around safely.

The City’s Operations department maintains approximately 114km of asphalt roadways, and snow is cleared from these roadways based on a priority system. The City plows snow or treats ice with salt or sand on main routes only, around the clock, until they are consistently clear.  After main routes are clear, residential and side streets are cleared only during normal working hours.  Depending on conditions and requirements to keep main routes open, it may be several days before side streets and residential roads are cleared. 

All levels of service are contingent on available resources including, but not limited to, availability of equipment, manpower, supplies, and budget.

Publications & Resources

Download our printable ad on snow clearing in Pitt Meadows and let us answer some of  your questions regarding snow and ice removal in Pitt Meadows.

Snow Angels (Good Neighbour Program)

The Snow Angel program encourages us all to be good neighbours and help those who may need assistance such as those who are elderly or have mobility and/or other health issues during the winter season. Being a ‘Snow Angel’ means supporting your neighbours who need help with snow and ice removal. 

City bylaws require all residential and business occupants to clear the public sidewalks on their property as soon as possible after a snowfall, and no later than 10:00 am. Snow Angels recognizes that some residents have difficulties meeting this requirement. In the event of heavy snowfall, we ask you to please keep your neighbours in mind and consider offering to assist them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my responsibilities as a resident?

Sidewalks and pathways bordering your home or business property must be cleared by 10am. 

As per the City of Pitt Meadows’ Boulevard Maintenance Bylaw 2377, "it is the responsibility of all owners or occupiers of real property to remove snow, ice or rubbish from sidewalks, stairs, ramps and foot paths bordering their property.” We require all residential and business occupants to clear the public sidewalks on their property as soon as possible after a snowfall, and no later than 10:00 am.  

Failure to comply with this bylaw may result in a $100.00 fine.

Minimize vehicles on public and residential roadways. This prevents your car from being snowed in by the snowplow and allows the City to keep more roadway clear.

Snow pushed across your driveway by the snowplow is inconvenient, but it is the only way the snowplow can clear the roadway. To reduce this problem, shovel the snow to the left side of your driveway, so when the snow plow passes your home, the snow will be pushed away from your driveway rather than across it.

Be a Snow Angel. Please help your neighbours who have mobility difficulties, such as seniors and persons with disabilities, as shovelling snow can be a difficult and dangerous task. Check in with them frequently, as they may be unable to get out of their home due to the snow and may need help getting groceries, medications, or other necessities

Why isn't my road cleared / When will my road be cleared?

The City clears roads on a priority basis:

Priority 1 includes main routes only, such as Harris Road, Hammond Road, and Old Dewdney Trunk Road north of Lougheed Highway, and areas bordered by deep ditches. Crews work on clearing only these routes, around the clock in two shifts, until they are consistently clear down to blacktop.

Priority 2 includes emergency roadways and school roads. These areas do not receive attention until the main routes are consistently clear, and only during regular working hours.

Priority 3 includes collector roads. These areas do not receive attention until the first two priority areas are cleared.

Priority 4 includes residential streets. Due to the demands on our crews of the other areas, it may be several days before residential streets are plowed. During this time, the snow may freeze, in which case it cannot be plowed and can only be treated with salt. If the ice is thick, the salt will not break it down and the only treatment option is sand for traction until the weather warms enough for the ice to melt.

If at any time there is new snowfall, crews must revert back to Priority 1 until those areas are clear and work their way back down the priority schedule.

Snowplows only move snow off the roadway, not remove it, so there will be snow buildup along the side of the road, on sidewalks and across driveways. It is frustrating trying to keep sidewalks clear and for parking, but unfortunately it is the only way to clear the roadways for people to travel safely.

Snow that freezes cannot be plowed. If crews are busy clearing main routes, and depending on temperatures, snow on side and residential streets may melt slightly and then freeze again before crews get to these areas. The resulting ice can then only be treated with salt or sand for traction until the ice melts.

If garbage pickup is missed due to the snowy conditions and the truck not able to access your bins, contact Waste Management at 604.520.7800.

Who clears the sidewalks and trails?

Each resident in Pitt Meadows is responsible for clearing sidewalks and pathways bordering their property by 10am after a snowfall, per the City’s Boulevard Maintenance Bylaw 2377. Not clearing sidewalks is subject to warnings and potentially fines. 

The City clears sidewalks on municipal and park properties in a priority basis, beginning with municipal properties, then park sidewalks, then pathways within parks. Similar to the road clearing priorities, crews do not move to other sidewalks until the priority areas are clear.

Sidewalks on municipal properties are cleared by our Parks department, in the following priority:

Priority 1Municipal properties
Priority 2Sidewalks and paths bordering park property (Staff do not move to level 2 unless level 1 is under control)
Priority 3Sidewalks, parking lots on park properties. (Level 3 is not addressed unless level 1 and 2 are under control)

Sidewalks bordering school property are the responsibility of the School District No. 42

Sidewalks on business and multi-family property are the responsibility of the business owner or strata. 

What is the City doing to clear roads?

The City operates within guidelines set out in our Snow and Ice Response Manual. The City operates with crews of up to 12 staff, although during 24-hour Priority 1 clearing, there are two shifts.

Snow must be cleared right as it falls or immediately after for most efficient clearing.  As we live in a damp climate, snow can be heavy and wet and when temperatures drop after a snowfall it can freeze.  The resulting ice cannot be plowed.  It is then treated with salt to break down, or if it is too thick and salt is ineffective, sand may be applied for traction until the temperature rises enough for the ice to melt.

Salt is in high demand during winter months and although we maintain a supply of salt, the City does not be offer free salt to residents.  The City rations salt for roads and some sidewalks and as needed, will mix salt with sand to conserve supply.

How do I know what route I'm on?
I need to get around town. What are my options?

Transit is an excellent alternative to driving!  Know before you go.

Trying to manouever about the city and getting to where you need to go can be a challenging task during the winter months. Translink's Winter Conditions tips and alerts can make planning your commute seamless.  Check their website frequently for notice of service disruptions and/or delays.

I can’t clear my sidewalks because I’m a senior/disabled.

We understand some residents have challenges keeping their property cleared of snow and ice.  Please consider asking a family member, friend, or neighbour to help.  Some citizens have organized volunteer groups to help with specific neighbourhood areas.

We ask that all residents check on their neighbours who are elderly or mobility challenged.  This may mean helping them clear their sidewalks or knocking on their door to ensure they are ok.

I can’t clear my sidewalks because they’re frozen ice and there’s no salt.

If sidewalks are not cleared right away before the snow freezes, they will become icy and very dangerous.  This makes it difficult for pedestrians, other community members in wheelchairs, or who have children in strollers, or who are elderly or pregnant and not steady on their feet.

Salt can break down the ice, but during winter months, salt is in high demand and can be hard to find in stores.  As an alternative, kitty litter or sand may be used to give traction and make the ice less slippery.  Kitty litter should not be clay-based, as this will be messy once the snow melts.  Sand should be playground grade.

Is the City's Bylaw department fining people for not clearing sidewalks?

Our Bylaw department follows up on complaints and issuing warnings where necessary. 

Fines are pending for property owners who have been warned and do not make the effort to either clear sidewalks or offer traction to pedestrians who use the sidewalk.

The plow pushes snow across my sidewalk / driveway / blocks my car parked on the road!

Snow clearing doesn't get rid of the snow, it just pushes or moves it from the driving lanes of the road so people can drive safely and get around.  Unfortunately this creates parking issues, especially with a large amount of snow.  There's not much that can be done about snow on the side of the roads, because there is no way to remove the snow until it melts.

Here are some tips to about dealing with snow buildup on your sidewalk or roadway:

  • Park in your driveway or parking lot rather than on the street (whenever possible) to make way for snow plow equipment.  If cars are parked on the roadway, the plow may have to skip your street.
  • When shovelling snow, pile it onto your lawn instead of on the road or sidewalk. Be sure not to pile snow around fire hydrants; blocking hydrants can cause serious delays when they are critically needed.
  • Place garbage containers in cleared areas - not on snow piles. If you have a missed pickup due to the truck not being able to get into your street or you cannot place your bins at the curb, contact Waste Management about a follow-up collection at 604.520.7800
  • Clear snow and ice away from catch basins to allow water from melting snow and ice to flow freely into storm sewers. City crews work to clear catch basins when possible, but if residents can assist with this we can get to a cleared and safe status much faster.

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