The City of Pitt Meadows is working to reduce speeding in the community with:

  • Education and awareness in collaboration with the RCMP and ICBC
  • Enforcement by the Ridge Meadows RCMP
  • Engineering and traffic calming devices on local roads


The City of Pitt Meadows strives to promote driver education and awareness initiatives through Signage, Speed Display Devices and collaborative Educational Campaigns with ICBC and the RCMP. More information about traffic safety and recent speed watch programs can be found here:  ICBC 

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Speed is the number one cause of car crash fatalities in B.C. The Ridge Meadows RCMP enforce speed limits in Pitt Meadows, targeting enforcement to areas with high numbers of traffic collisions.

If you have concerns about speeding or witness a specific Motor Vehicle Act offence within Pitt Meadows, please contact the Ridge Meadows RCMP:

Pitt Meadows Community Police Office (CPO)
12027 Harris Road
Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 2B5
Tel: 604-465-2402
Or report it online here.

Concerns related to Commercial Vehicle Safety Violations may be reported to:

Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement (CVSE) 
Tel: 1-888-775-8785.

CVSE personnel are provincial police officers specifically focused on commercial vehicle traffic enforcement.

Engineering and Traffic Calming

Traffic calming is the implementation of engineering measures to influence driver behaviors like speeding and short-cutting within residential neighbourhoods. These measures come in various forms to suit each unique scenario and problem, including vertical deflection (raised crosswalks and speed humps), horizontal deflection (curb extensions and traffic circles), and obstructions (raised medians and right-in/right-out islands).  The goal of traffic calming is to improve safety and the quality of life of a neighborhood without compromising the accesses to residents’ homes and businesses.

Your neighbourhood can request traffic calming devices to reduce traffic speeds on your local road. If you'd want to make a traffic calming request in your neighbourhood, the City will first conduct a warrant check to see if your specific corridor meets the criteria for traffic calming measures and then it will be prioritized based on the policy guidelines (ie: schools, parks, lack of facilities).

For more information please refer to the City of Pitt Meadows Traffic Calming Policy

The Engineering Department actively collects traffic data throughout the year, focusing on area “hot spots” or in relation to traffic calming requests. Speed and volume data is presented to Council annually. The 2020 Traffic Data update to council can be found here: Traffic Data Update 2020

Contact our Engineering Department at  or call 604.465.2480 if you have any questions about traffic calming.

Check out our latest Traffic Calming Projects here: Traffic Calming 2021

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