Truck Routes in Pitt Meadows

The purpose of a truck route is to provide guidelines that carefully balance the needs of local commerce with a goal of minimizing the impacts of truck traffic in our urban core. While having a dedicated truck route does not prohibit trucks from using any road within the municipality, it does require they use the roads most suitable, and limits their use in residential areas. Truck route planning defines the street network that is (A) safest for the movement of large vehicles, (B) supports local and regional economy and (C) provides adequate infrastructure to accommodate the anticipated volume, size and weight of vehicles.

Providing the trucking industry with a route promoting the efficient movement of goods is vital to the economic development of Pitt Meadows. Trucks move goods and freight to our grocery stores, markets, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, and residences that receive delivery of goods and packages.

Trucks are not all equal; they range from large semis and gravel trucks that deliver food and aggregates to local industries to smaller panel trucks that deliver overnight packages to homes or businesses. The types of trucks traveling in Pitt Meadows, depends on the types of businesses and industries operating in our community.

The Truck Route Map was created with the approval of Translink and cooperation of the BC Trucking Association.  It was approved by Council in 2012 and remains in effect.

Truck Route Network

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