Depending on the location of your property and type of development proposed, a development permit may be required prior to your building permit application. 

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Building Permits are required for new construction as well as exisiting structures.  




Download the associated fees as identified in Schedule 1 of the Building Bylaw No. 2131.


Essential inspections are required before concealing or burying any building component.  The number of inspections will vary for each project and will be confirmed by the Building Inspector.  Inspections are required for:

  • Forms prior to pouring concrete; 
  • Installation of perimeter foundation drain piping and foundation damp proofing prior to backfilling;
  • Rough in drain, waste and vent pipes;
  • Water supply, tubs and traps;
  • Framing;
  • Insulation and vapour barrier; 
  • Occupancy of the building; and 
  • Final inspection.

Inspections will not be made unless formally requested by the owner or his/her agent.  At least one full working day notice to be given before any inspection.  All work being inspected must be complete and ready prior to inspection.  Work must not proceed past any of the stages listed without prior clearance.

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Inspections may also be requested during normal working hours. Please leave a message clearly indicating the permit number, address of job site and required inspection.

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Demolition Permits

When considering demolishing an existing structure, an application for a demolition permit and water, storm and/or sanitary services disconnects is required.  A $100 application fee for the service disconnects is required at time of application.  The application will be referred to the Public Works Department to provide the applicant with an estimate.  Once the estimate is paid in full, the Public Works Department will proceed with the disconnects.  At that time, the demolition permit will be issued.



Should you have questions regarding the process or requirements for Demolition permits, please contact Development Services at 604.465.2428 during regular business hours.

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