A garden suite (also known as carriage house, coach house, granny flat and laneway house) is a smaller accessory dwelling unit within a detached accessory building on the same lot as the single family dwelling.  A garden suite may be one storey or above a detached garage (two storey).  A suite should contain a bathroom, a kitchen with cooking facilities and at least one bedroom. 

All Garden Suites require the completion of a Development Permit Application Form

A Guide to Garden Suites

Requirements for a Garden Suite

  • Only one suite per lot;
  • The suite must not occupy no more than 10 percent of the lot area;
  • One additional off-stret parking space is required for the garden suite tenant;
  • The suite must be connected to municipal water, sewer and drainage utilities;
  • All home-based businesses, except child care programs, may be carried out within a garden suite;
  • A garden suite may be permitted on lots larger than two acres with the ALC's approval for non-farm use;
  • Garden suites are not permitted in conjunction with a bed & breakfast, a boarding or a secondary suite use;
  • Property owner must reside in either the main house or the suite or retain a local property management company; and 
  • The suite must be located in the rear yard with the prescribed setbacks. 


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