Development permits are required for the development of all properties in the "development permit areas" identified in the Official Community Plan (OCP). This includes all commercial, industrial, multi-family, and infill residential developments.

The development permit process addresses landscaping, exterior character, and the compatibility of new construction with existing development in the same area.

With the exception of infill residential applications and minor amendment applications, development permit applications are reviewed by the Advisory Design Panel, a committee appointed by City Council.  If the application conforms to the guidelines set out in the OCP, the panel will send the development proposal to Council with a recommendation for approval.  If the application does not conform to the guidelines, the panel will ask for revisions. 

Development Permit Fees & Forms

What's Next?

Don't forget the building permit! The Building Permit Application must be in compliance with the development permit plans. Changes may require an application to amend the development permit. 

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