Please feel free to connect with the City’s Environmental Department regarding any of the following:

  • Soil and fill activities – preload for developments, farm roads, diking, raising land elevations
  • Riparian areas protection and management
  • Vegetation - tree retention, cutting, general inquiries
  • Invasive and noxious species (vegetation and wildlife)
  • Works that alter a stream, ditch, wetland and/or its adjacent riparian areas
  • Development review / feedback with an environmental lens
  • Climate change initiatives
  • Stewardship and engagement initiatives related to the environment and/or sustainability

Compliance & Enforcement

Compliance with all bylaws, regulations and legislation (e.g., municipal, regional, provincial and federal) is required.   In the event of a violation, suspension orders, fines and/or other measures may be applicable.


Air Quality

Metro Vancouver Regional District (MVRD) regulates air quality in our region.  Complaints / concerns should be submitted through MVRD’s Air Quality Complaint department by calling 604.436.6777 or complete their online form.


Provincial Natural Resource & Conservation Officers

If you would like to report a violation regarding pollution, wildlife, fish and fish habitat, riparian areas, trees, please contact 1.877.952.7277 or #7277 (RAPP) Option 1. 

If you would like to report a violation regarding concerns over the Water Sustainability Act (eg: water licenses, changes in and about a stream, etc.), forests, heritage and/or wild fire, please contact the Province by calling 1.877.952.7277 or #7277 (RAPP) Option 2. 

Alternatively, you can complete an online report by visiting  


Agricultural Land Commission (ALC)

If you would like to report a violation and/or suspicious activities on ALR land, please contact the ALC.

Report a Land Use Complaint


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