Please feel free to connect with the City’s Environmental Department regarding any of the following:

  • Soil and fill activities – preload for developments, farm roads, diking, raising land elevations
  • Riparian areas protection and management
  • Vegetation - tree retention, cutting, general inquiries
  • Invasive and noxious species (vegetation and wildlife)
  • Works that alter a stream, ditch, wetland and/or its adjacent riparian areas
  • Development review / feedback with an environmental lens
  • Climate change initiatives
  • Stewardship and engagement initiatives related to the environment and/or sustainability

Compliance & Enforcement

Compliance with all bylaws, regulations and legislation (e.g., municipal, regional, provincial and federal) is required.   In the event of a violation, suspension orders, fines and/or other measures may be applicable.


Air Quality

Metro Vancouver Regional District (MVRD) regulates air quality in our region.  Complaints / concerns should be submitted through MVRD’s Air Quality Complaint department by calling 604.436.6777 or complete their online form.


Provincial Natural Resource & Conservation Officers

If you would like to report a violation regarding pollution, wildlife, fish and fish habitat, riparian areas, trees, please contact 1.877.952.7277 or #7277 (RAPP) Option 1. 

If you would like to report a violation regarding concerns over the Water Sustainability Act (eg: water licenses, changes in and about a stream, etc.), forests, heritage and/or wild fire, please contact the Province by calling 1.877.952.7277 or #7277 (RAPP) Option 2. 

Alternatively, you can complete an online report by visiting  


Agricultural Land Commission (ALC)

If you would like to report a violation and/or suspicious activities on ALR land, please contact the ALC.

Report a Land Use Complaint


Professional Reliance

The City relies on the Professional Reliance model for supplemental information on development-related application submissions.  Professional reliance in general terms, is a regulatory model in which the government sets the natural resource management objectives or results to be achieved and the professionals hired by proponents decide how those objectives or results are to be met.  The government is responsible to ensure objectives have been achieved through compliance and enforcement.

Property owners and/or their authorized agents, are responsible for engaging Qualified Professionals (QP) as required for matters relating to their private property.  The following are membership lists of QPs in British Columbia that may assist you in determining and engaging the appropriate contacts for your project.

Professional Agrologists           Environmental Professionals 

Certified Arborist                                     Engineers & Geoscientists 



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