The City's Soil Removal and Fill Deposit Regulation Bylaw 2593, regulates removal and/or deposit of soil (including sand, gravel, rock and other material) on land within the Pitt Meadows.  A Soil / Fill Permit may be required prior to removing or depositing any soil or fill from property, particularly if fill activities are planned onsite in excess of 50 m3 total cumulative volume of fill in a calendar year (i.e., soil/fill import to and/or export from site), including for, but not limited to:

  • preload material
  • farm road
  • diking
  • driveway
  • leveling land
  • and/or other soil/fill-related activities

The City of Pitt Meadows works closely with the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) and other agencies as required on Soil / Fill Permit Applications.  Process time varies for each application.  Factors that contribute to the processing time include the volume and type of fill, site-specific characteristics, zoning, natural features, environmental considerations and other factors which may trigger additional requirements.  Soil / Fill Applications with proposed total cumulative fill volumes of 500 cubic meters or greater per calendar year require authorization by City Council.

Additional Information & Resources

Soil Fill Application Checklist – see Preliminary Checklist for Application Submission
Soil Fill Application
Highway Use Permit (HUP) Application
Highway & Traffic Bylaw No. 2836
Map of Truck Route Network
Floodplain Designation and Construction Control Bylaw No. 2384
Owner Info / Agent Authorization Form

If subject property occurs on Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) Land, please refer to ALC Policies and Placement of Fill in the ALR Bylaw 

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