Under the Local Government Act section 492, municipalities may designate land as temporary commercial and industrial use permit areas within the Official Community Plan (OCP).  Council has designated all land in Pitt Meadows as a temporary use permit area for temporary uses. 

Owners of land (or their agents) may apply for a Temporary Use Permit (TUP) if the zoning bylaw does not permit the proposed use and the use will be short term.  A TUP may be issued by Council for a period of up to three years.  The permit may also be extended only once for an additional three years if approved by Council.

Conditions such as location of the temporary use, length of time the temporary use can occur, and the specific conditions under which temporary use is allowed will be established in the permit.  Security deposits and letters of undertaking may also be required to ensure the conditions are fulfilled.

Temporary Permit Application Process

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