The City is preparing a Housing Needs Assessment, as part of a Provincial initiative, that will create a better understanding of the current and future housing needs in the City of Pitt Meadows. 

The Housing Needs Assessment will expand our understanding of the current housing situation across the City and, through completing the process, will inform about current and anticipated housing needs across the housing continuum (depicted in the below image); from emergency shelters to market rental and home ownership. This understanding will support the City as we develop and update plans, guidelines and policies, and make informed decisions about existing and future development in Pitt Meadows. 

The final Housing Needs Report was presented to Council on April 27, 2022. Read the full report here

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Housing Continuum, adapted from CMHC Housing Continuum

What is a Housing Needs Assessment?

The Housing Needs Assessment helps the City understand the current housing situation. The Housing Needs Assessment looks at:

  1. The current housing market landscape in the City, including:
    • demographics
    • current supply and demand
    • housing conditions and changes in housing stock
    • assessed and sale prices
    • rental vacancy rates
    • affordability
    • core housing needs
  2. What gaps exist in the housing market and opportunities to fill those needs
  3. Anticipated housing need over the next five years (2021-2026)

Current and future housing needs, gaps and future priorities will be explored across the full housing continuum.

Why is a Housing Needs Assessment Needed and How is it Being Funded?

In April 2019, the BC Government amended the Local Government Act to create a Housing Needs Report Regulation requiring all municipalities to prepare Housing Needs Reports by April 2022. The purpose of this Regulation is to increase awareness and understanding of current and anticipated housing needs by local governments. 

The City has secured grant funding from the Province to undertake the preparation of the Housing Needs Assessment. More information on the Housing Needs Assessment program can be found here. Metro Vancouver is also providing support to the preparation of the Housing Needs Assessment by compiling information and data to ensure a consistent regional approach.

The Housing Needs Assessment can be used to inform policy changes to the Official Community Plan and Regional Growth Strategy, as needed, and local developers, non-profit housing providers, and other community organizations can use the findings to inform their own decision-making and funding applications.

Project Timeline

In Phase 1 from May to August 2021, the City reviewed and collected background information and data and gathered input from key stakeholder groups.

In Phase 2 from September 2021 to April 2022, the City prepared the draft Housing Needs Assessment, shared the key findings with the community and finalized the Assessment based on input provided.

Engagement Opportunities

The City collected feedback from the community on the draft Housing Needs Assessment with an online survey between February 14 - March 7, 2022.  Feedback was incorporated into the final Housing Needs Assessment report. Thank you for your participation!

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