The Official Community Plan (OCP) is a long-range (20-year) guide for the municipality that helps Council in making decisions on matters such as land use and growth, transportation, agricultural preservation, economic development, and housing.  The OCP works together with the Regional Growth Strategy (RGS), administered by Metro Vancouver, the regional government body, and must be consistent with the RGS. 

View the draft Official Community Plan (OCP):

Draft OCP

For a summary and overview of the OCP review process including what we have heard so far visit, I See Pitt Meadows 2040: Official Community Plan Update.

Overall, reviewing and updating the OCP is a six-phase process that is taking place over several years. For more information, please see the Detailed OCP Update Timeline

Council Reports and Presentations

Bylaw for the Official Community Plan

For your convenience, the following sections have been extracted to facilitate a quicker download.​ 

2010 Official Community Plan by Section

2010 Map Schedules

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