Each property in Pitt Meadows has a zoning classification that regulates density and land use.

To find out your current zoning and/or future land use designation, refer to Pitt Meadows Map Viewer

What is rezoning?

The City's Zoning Bylaw is a key document that implements the City of Pitt Meadows Official Community Plan (OCP) by regulating land use and density. Every property in Pitt Meadows has a legal zoning classification specifying the types of uses or activities that can take place on that property, restrictions on the floor area and height of buildings, minimum distances separating buildings and property lines, the amount of off-street parking required, as well as other requirements. 

When is rezoning required?

"Rezoning" is the process to change from one zoning designation to another.  A rezoning application is required when a development proposal seeks to change a zoning designation, land use, or density of a site.  This can include items such as rezoning from a single family dwelling lot to a duplex lot; or changing commercial zones to allow different uses. Take a look through our Zoning Bylaw to see what uses are allowed in each zone.

When is an Official Community Plan (OCP) Amendment required? 

An OCP Amendment is required to change the long term  future and use designation for a subject property. If the zone that is proposed is not supported by the current Future Land Use, and OCP Amendment is required to change the Future Land Use. OCP amendment applications must always be accompanied by a rezoning application. Staff will formally review the application in terms of items such as nearby Future Land Uses, access, location in the city, and size of the subject property. A recommendation will be made based on the staff review and presented to Council for consideration.

Overview of the Rezoning Process

A pre-application meeting with one of our staff can be helpful if you already have a good concept of your desired outcome and design. Having sketches and zoning analysis complete prior to the meeting will ensure you get the best feedback possible. Feel free to contact us at 604-465-2428 to set up a pre-application meeting.

Working collaboratively to benefit the community is our goal. To ensure your application is successful, we are committed to working with you and your team of professionals prior to submitting an application.

To apply please complete a Development Permit Application.  Applications can be submitted with payment at City Hall. 

Policies, Bylaws and Guidelines

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