Farm field in fall with red bushes stretching into the distance with the Golden Ears mountain range in the background.

The Pitt Meadows Agricultural Viability Strategy is an award-winning, comprehensive agricultural planning document that identifies opportunities to strengthen the local agriculture and agri-food sector and contribute to its long-term sustainability. Updated in 2023, the Strategy recommends actions specific to Pitt Meadows to support municipal planning efforts in the both the short and long-term.

Agricultural Viability Strategy


Agriculture in Pitt Meadows is a thriving and resilient sector where farmers are valued, productive lands are supported, and producers are equipped to adapt to changing social, economic, and environmental conditions.

Goal 1

Red barn buildings on a large property of green grass, with mountains in the background

Protect farmland for farming.

Goal 2

view of Pitt Meadows farm properties from helicopter

Plan and manage infrastructure assets, such as drainage, irrigation, and roads, to ensure they are well-functioning for agriculture and supported through thoughtful decision-making.

Goal 3

Black and white cow

Support the economic viability of the agriculture and agri-food sector.

Goal 4

Farner walking through cornfield

Help the agriculture and agri-food sector adapt to future challenges by adopting new technology, embracing innovation, and becoming resilient to climate change.

Goal 5

Person holding blueberries

Help the community support and be proud of agriculture in Pitt Meadows.

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