Council remains unanimously opposed to the CP Logistics Park and continues work aggressively to influence a different CP business decision. Council’s goal is to halt the development of the proposed CP Logistics Park. Some of the initiatives that the City is undertaking to oppose the CP Logistics Park are:

Environmental Study

Council has authorized spending of up to $75,000 for an independent environmental study to determine associated health and environmental impacts of CP’s operations along the rail corridor in Pitt Meadows. The study will assess baseline measurements of pollutants and carcinogens in relation to regulatory standards for railway operations in Canada. The City’s own consultant will compare current Federal threshold levels to the levels found in Pitt Meadows. This data will be used to advocate for higher standards and to demand new generation engine technology.

Advocating to Senior Levels of Government

The City has embarked on a letter writing campaign to share Council’s and the community’s opposition to the CP Logistics Park with senior levels of government.

On November 27, 2020,  Mayor Bill Dingwall wrote a letter to Minister Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport and the Canadian Transportation Agency voicing the City’s and Council’s strong opposition and concerns in relation to the CP Logistics Park. This letter has been shared with Member of Parliament Marc Dalton, Member of the Legislative Assembly Lisa Beare, Katzie First Nation Chief Grace George as well as senior representatives from the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, Canadian Pacific and the ALC.    

The City will continue to compile all feedback received from residents and share with the senior levels of government.


Opposing Current Property Tax Rate for Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) and Initiates Review

Council has directed staff to prepare a resolution to the Lower Mainland Local Government Association (LMLGA) requesting a review of the current BC Assessment property tax rate for railway infrastructure in Pitt Meadows. Since 1996, railway infrastructure has been taxed as Class 6 Business. The goal is to ensure that all properties are equitably taxed to account for the increased burden on City services, operations as well as costly impacts to infrastructure. Read the full news release here.

Watch our website and the City’s social media channels for important updates in relation to the CP Logistics Park. The City will share updates related to engagement sessions, or reference materials to help provide transparency and important dates or additional context. 

Submission to the Impact Assessment Agency (IAA) of Canada on the CP Logistics Park Expansion

The City of Pitt Meadows provided a written submission to the Impact Assessment Agency (IAA) of Canada opposing the proposed CP Logistics Park expansion following a written request made by the Katzie First Nation for a federal impact assessment. IAA is reviewing concerns about potential adverse impacts that are of federal jurisdiction (e.g. fisheries and habitat, migratory birds, environment and air quality) in relation to the proposed project.

Stay tuned for updates and for more information, see the project page:

Opposition to CP Logistics Park

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