on a grey background, there are three green illustrative trees with the words "Urban Forest Strategy"

An urban forest is made up of every public and privately-owned tree, shrub, and low-growing vegetation in our city, including in our yards, streets, dikes and parks.

The City of Pitt Meadows is developing an Urban Forest Strategy to help manage, protect, and increase our tree canopy coverage as well as guide the long-term management of forested areas for healthy, vibrant, and productive City spaces.

Trees are an important natural resource and are integral to the city's character and beauty. Trees enhance the quality of life for our community and provide shade and clean air, sequester carbon, capture stormwater runoff, and support biodiversity, among other things. The Urban Forest Strategy will ensure our community forest will be managed appropriately for climate change adaptation and mitigation, including temperature regulation, stormwater management, drainage, and planning for future storm events. 

This strategy will include:

  • Information on the current state of the urban forest in Pitt Meadows;
  • A long-term vision to help manage the urban forest;
  • Goals, recommendations, and targets to achieve the vision; and
  • An Implementation Plan to help achieve the identified goals and targets.

Opportunities for Engagement

Thank you for sharing your feedback during the first round of engagement between September 5 to October 5, 2023. Feedback is now being reviewed by the project team and further opportunities for engagement are expected in early 2024. Follow the project at haveyoursaypittmeadows.ca/urbanforest.

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